Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ta Da!! Here he is

I'd love to be able to craft together a brilliantly witty post but nah ... sorry ... being a new nannie has turned my brain to mush. That and the 5 hours plus in the car ... and the 35C heat when I was out of the car

so you'll just have to make do with some photos of young master Riley David at 19 hours or so:

vital stats : 8lb 12 oz and 38cm round the head [ bloody huge Iacuone noggin ] and mind you he was a few days early.

Apart from his top lip, the amount of hair, and the size of his head, he seems pretty much to take after Christina. He's a bit jaundiced so we'll have to wait to see how fair he is.

We're pretty much all convinced that hair is going to turn out auburn later.

He seems a very placid young man ... and may he stay that way.

Mind you that could be residual effects of the drugs they had to pump into his mum when he got wedged and had to be vacuum extracted. I won't go into further detail other than to say I don't think that her labour was managed particularly well by the midwives. This is a view that Granny Janis also shares.

Anyway he's feeding well and all the concomitant bodily functions seem to be working fine.

Riley gets to know his auntie Nadie

and his Nannie ...

Chris was feeding him when we arrived and after I got to prove that I can still burp a baby, he stayed pretty much wide awake the whole time we were there.
btw: One of the things I brought down with me was the pair of boottees that his daddy wore home from hospital in 1975. Chris is going to put them on him for the trip home tomorrow.
Just in case, I also had the pair [ knitted in the same pattern ] that I wore home in 1953 but as I was only 5lb odd they were a wee bit small.

I just love that generational link.

and the person with the broken foot is his very tired but happy father

I know there should be a photo with Chris but she was feeling a bit battered and bruised and camera-shy so maybe in a few days.


crazyhaberdasher said...

Isn't he a gorgeous baby boy - 8lbs 12ozs!....and it wont be long before he will be kicking the Melbourne footy around! What happened to Steven's foot?

Nola G said...

Congratulations again. He looks like a good size healthy baby. Are you sure that's not black Italian hair? Stephen looks in the worst shape of you all. Did he still manage to drive her to the hospital with that foot in plaster? I'm sure we'll see lots more photos in the coming weeks/months/years.....:]

catsmum said...

he drove VERY VERY carefully!!
as to the hair ALL three of mine started out black and then Stephen went auburn and david went almost white blonde.Only Nadie stayed dark.
There's red hair on both sides and Stephen and Dave still grow red beards. Couple that with Christina's white blonde and the odds are you'll get a redhead.

lisette said...

ooooohhhhh he's so beautiful! he looks so cuddly and just delicious :) deep sympathy to poor christina - my first labour was vile and mismanaged (should have had a caesar)although i had forceps not the hoover..... he looks very alert and wise doesn't he?i love that newborn curiosity and gravity

Caitlin O'Connor said...

awwwwwwwww! What a noggin, his poor Mum! I just love that he's gonna wear the same booties...*sniffle* that's so cool!

Lisa L said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

Congratulations!! He's a beautiful baby.

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow! Oh, wow!!! What a little cutie. And so alert! Although I must say that the process of bringing him into the world sounded positively horrid! Moms should get medals IMHO. Glad everyone persevered and is doing well. Congratulations!!!

Yvette said...

Oh Susan he is gorgeous! a very handsome and alert little boy - pity his mum had such a hard time - and there was me thinking that young mums today had the better care and management - hmmmm.......!!!

What happened to Steve's foot???

He didn't kick a midwife did he LOL!!??????

Yvette in Brissie

Craftybernie said...

Baby boy is simply beautiful. And looks very alert in the photos!

Thankfully baby and mother are doing well considering the less than perfect service by the midwives. It's a shame when such a wonderful and exciting moment becomes traumatic and overly stressful.

However Mother Nature is kind - she lets us mothers forget the worst of it. Otherwise we'd never have more babies! :)

PS Hope little boy and his dad are both feeling better!