Monday, December 11, 2006

Watch out! It's spreading

No, I'm not referring to my waist [ although that too is getting wider ] ... I was referring actually to my evil influence and specifically my insidious plan to take over the world one christmas decoration at a time. Mwahaha [ evil laugh ]
Nadie has fallen under my sway and is now blogging about both her decorating efforts and the contribution to same made by her moggies. She also posted what is probably the best cat/christmas photo of the year. So being a totally shameless individual, I've swiped it:

This is Suki intent on beating the tinsel monster into submission.

Anyway, moving on ... today was spent with my buddy, Jeanette, finishing santas we started a fortnight ago, that I forgot to tell you about and then showing a small group from the local Embroiderer's Guild through the Christmas stuff. Silly them. They thought it would take about half an hour [ ho ho ho ] but they were here for 90 minutes and only left cos I had to go get David. I felt a bit guilty ... Jeanette kinda got the raw end of the deal when she got left to her own devices but she is a sweety and was very understanding ... plus she knew most of the ladies anyway.
Tonight I did a phone interview with Spotlight's Get Creative mag [ wouldn't have thought I was their cup of tea but hey, I'll happily talk to anyone if it's about quilts ] and now I'm going to sit down with the endless baby shawl as a way of actively avoiding writing Christmas cards.

and THIS is this week's desktop photo:


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is the best kitty/christmas photo ever!! Too cute...

Keep those photos coming! I need the inspiration if I'm going to finish all this stuff in time.

And congrats on the interview! How cool!!

Lisa L said...

What a wonderful kitty picture! We just put up our tree this morning - I'm hoping some decorating has gone on while I've been at work . . . hmmmm .. . ;-) I'm sure our Shadow will be curled up under the tree though!