Friday, December 08, 2006

yes folks ... more christmas photos

Sophie in the spare bearoom ...umm... bedroom
This cranberried heart is the current extent of the loo decorating
and here are SOME of the bear figurines in the main bathroom

SOME of the redworks ... the santa was from an applique pattern I bought in 96 ... I've done 2 other santas based on applique designs by the same lady... the other was a pre printed panel by Christine Book .
You can probably make out a few of my antique christmas postcard collection as well.
These are vintage copies of Dickens' Christmas Carol and Pickwick's Christmas [ the christmas chapters from Pickwick Papers.] I also have a small collection [5] of cat themed Christmas books stacked on the coffee table. Surprising how many there are out there,
The next photo needs no explanation really. Christmas bleatings from my menagerie to yours! [ That's Rosie by the way ]



lisette said...

yay rosie - she looks very '40s screen siren :)

Anonymous said...

It is snowing like mad here right now and I'm starting to feel a bit more Christmas-y. How very appropriate that I get to start my day with another holiday tour of your home!! Love it!

I'm feeling inspired. I may just get around to replacing that deceased string of lights today before my doctor's appointment!

Nora said...

Rosie is adorable and your decorations are magnificent.
I envy your gorgeous, festive home. We didn't even put the tree up this year (one word: renovations)! x

Nicole and Phil said...

Well, I am showing your photos to my husband, to let him know I have a lot more Xmas decorating to shop for! LOL
I can tell you love Xmas like me! :)


catsmum said...

Always more than happy to be used as an example :]
My fabric and yarn stashes have been similarly used many times to convince my friend's spouses of the less than unreasonable size of their own stashes.

Anonymous said...

Your silver tree looks a lot more impressive than mine, although the fact that a) I've acquired a bigger tree this year and my decoration stash hasn't increased and b) that my decorations are mainly your castoffs doesn't help, ah well its getting there... thanks for this years contribution!

catsmum said...

there are some silver bits and bobs that didn't make it onto the tree this year. You're quite welcome to them sweetness :]

Anonymous said...


yep, I'm my mothers daughter.

Speaking of, I've put up more Christmas photos... my place will never be as comprehensively festive as yours, but its getting there. The obsessive-compulsive aspect of my personality can only manage short bursts.