Sunday, December 03, 2006

chrissie photos installment no 678

You probably can't see from the photo [ try clicking ] but all the ornaments on this swag ... apart from 2 santas ... are cats. Took me YEARS to find that many cat related decos that I liked.

Yay, I have a victim [ err, I mean volunteer ] to put up the rest of the lights!
Robyn dobbed in her beloved Martin and they are due to arrive at any time. He doesn't yet know what he's in for ...mwahhahah!!!
I've nearly finished the rest of the catsmum abode.
The trees in the kitchen and rumpus room are done, and so is the swag hanging between them.

Suki and Sumi are visiting again with Nadie and given that neither Oakley nor Sophie are on polite speaking terms with them, had absolutely no idea of what was in store for them. Cue another evil laugh!
They were innocently doing their morning devotions before the altar to the gods of food and I pounced.
They have now been initiated into the most secret rites of Iacuone catdom. I didn't put bells or curly ribbon on them ... must initiate them slowly into the secret and sacred rites after all ... but they're both sporting pretty red and green bows. Not impressed.

Added later:
Many hands made light work!
Chrissie lights are up, banksia rose has been cut back from spouting so that said lights are visible. Leisurely sunday lunch of pumpkin and sweet potato risotto has been consumed and I am currently fighting off the resultant post-prandial stupour.
Must have coffee. Must have coffee. Must have coffee.


Anonymous said...

Um...did I mention that I put up a tree? It has some lights and ornaments. And only one of them has old candy cane residue on it. I'm decorated...right? Right???

(Sheep hangs her head sadly and resigns herself to the fact that she is yet another Christmas Casualty.)

Can I come to your house?

catsmum said...

Yes my sweet, the tree photos have been perused and admired. You are doing well!
and yes, you can come visit any time you want to ... not sure how they manage airport security checks on sheep though.

Sheila said...

Hi Catsmum,
I wondered over from Sheepish's blog.
Wonderful decorating...I love the little Santas.
What pattern did you use for the neighbor's new baby's booties? I've spent the last 2 hours searching the net for just such a pattern, only to see your booties when I'd finally given up!
Thanks in advance for any pattern can leave a comment on my blog or email:
knittingewe2 (at) yahoo (dot) com