Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Where'd the last six months go ???

The last day of the first half of the year dawned bright and ...

well, no ... it dawned dreary and overcast but initially dry, so I spent yesterday morning making multiple trips with a wheelbarrow up and over the hill and back.
Y'see, Pete and Brenda's new place doesn't have a wood fire, so basically I've been given carte blanche to remove as much of the various wood piles as I can. We're not talking good quality stuff and at the moment it's pretty damp ... but wood is wood and free wood is even better.
Hence the wheelbarrow-age

until I managed to get myself ambushed by a stray piece of rusty fencing wire, which carved a neat little C shape through the bed of my little fingernail. There was bleeding, some extremely unladylike thoughts, the trudge home with the loaded barrow, and an appointment with the disinfectant
yeow - ow- ouch
my tetanus shots are up to date so that was ok, and about this time it went even darker and drearier and the heavens opened, so I was quite happy to stop

With the addition of a couple of bandaids, I was soon ensconced in front of a roaring fire, current knitting in hand... and you know what? Turns out that my right pinkie finger is the only one I don't need for knitting.
Okay, sure, there was some modification of my normal method of yarn tensioning, and said digit was extended at that odd angle usually reserved for pantomiming polite tea drinking, but other than that it was all systems normal.

As the day progressed the rain and wind got wilder and this morning there were roads blocked by fallen trees, so I opted not to drive the 40-odd km over narrow windy country roads to Daylesford for Purl's Princesses. I'll stay home and knit instead.

crackling fire fueled by gifted wood, something small and sweet on the needles ... I think a cuppa might be in order now


ozjane said...

Isn't it nice when they advise you that the safest place is inside.
Couch /bed potato that I am. Catching up on my 5 am computer time...did get fruit trees sort of pruned and unfortunatelly did not get the prunings up so trust the wind does not decide to move them.
Also cleared vegetable bed of about a 3 yr dumping of pots on it. Sorted half to throw out. Am so proud of me.

Bernie said...

Hi Susan, I have missed visiting your blog but oh life happens. I so enjoyed your post today except I am sorry you hurt your finger. I love a cozy fire and a stay inside day, only get them during our winters and our summers are short so I have been enjoying our nice weather. I have no idea where the time has gone but I know the older I get the faster it goes. I hope you have another cozy day tomorrow and your finger heals well.
Take care.......:-) Hugs

catsmum said...

thanks Bernie
the finger's not too bad - I'll just have to grow the lacerated nail out which is always a nuisance more than anything when it catches on stuff

crazyhaberdasher said...

Listen to Mother! ..... wear gloves whenever work calls you outside!
I hope all is well - no more injuries, okay?

Anonymous said...

Now I am wondering whether the gorgeous puppy was riding in the wheelbarrow with the wood or trotting along beside.

catsmum said...

I've tried to get him into the barrow, Rells m'dear [ cos cuuute! ] but the little beggar won't have a bar of it.

Blessings each day said...

Glad you're okay (I forget my gloves for heavy work too)and I LOVED the pictures. That pretty little area you have looked so inviting except for the pouring rain.

Did Bear actually go along with you when you were getting the fire wood?



p.s. You've just got to stop wounding's the eye now?

Donna Lee said...

I wish we could have used the recent spate of really rainy days to stay inside and just knit. Unfortunately, my employer wouldn't have bought that excuse. "Sorry, I can't come to work today. I have to stay inside and knit". Wouldn't that be lovely? They all think I'm crazy anyway so maybe it would have worked.

sue said...

Yes sitting inside where is lovely and warm is great when it is raining outside. We too have some rain here which we badly need. I still havent made the trip to Daylesford to visit Purl's Palace but I really should go one day. I am not too far about an hour's drive I think.

Alice said...

I hope the finger heals quickly, but what a perfectly blissful winter's day - especially the rain, and the fire, and the knitting, and the free wood, and the cuppa - in fact, the whole shebang (except the finger, of course).

I'm sure your garden will be loving the rain .... now just think how much work you will have to do out there come Spring

Alwen said...

I think there is nothing so nice as cold outside and warm and dry inside. Plus knitting!

Dratted old barbed wire - I once tripped on a piece that was half-buried in the ground while carrying my son as a baby!

I knew I was really a mom then because I managed to fall and hurt myself without dropping him or letting him hit the ground.