Sunday, July 19, 2009

which would YOU choose, hmm ?

I want you all to cast your minds back to the start of the week and the riveting saga of the spinning of the sacred alpaca ...
Got that image firmly in place?
Righto ... as it turns out, the enforced break from Tour De Fleece spinning due to a particularly poorly placed rusty nail, coupled with a certain reluctance to engage with a quilt project that is in active-procrastination mode, meant that I had absolutely NO CHOICE ... none at all ... but to knit.
A portion of the sacred alpaca has fulfilled all of its early promise and has reincarnated as
[drum roll please, maestro ]
yes ... another cowl.
Improvised feather and fan, a little simpler than the Ice Queen and without the picot cast on-and-off which I really didn't think would show up properly with the halo of the alpaca [ my excuse and I'm sticking to it ]

... and here we get to my current quandary... namely, if you were my elegant about-to-be-30 daughter-in-law* [ whose favourite colours are black, brown and grey ] which would you prefer?
The Ice Queen in black laceweight, or the slightly simpler grey one in my handspun sacred alpaca ?

* who was quite properly brought up to appreciate the effort in handmade gifts


Marcie said...

The black Ice Queen is lovely, certainly fit for an appreciative DIL, but will she appreciate the whole wonderful saga of the alpaca? It's Quality, and Deeevine! keep it for yourself, if you'll wear it.

Robbyn said...

The grey one, definitely. Simple, beautiful and...well...made of sacred alpaca :) Besides, both the yarn and the cowl are made by the hands of someone she loves - how could she prefer anything else?

gloria g said...

I say, do what she likes, the black. Trust me, I know. If it's what we like......well, keep it for yourself. Just my humble opinion. But enjoy doing it!

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your sacred alpaca cowl is so beautiful! I love how it knitted up!

As to which to give your DIL, would it work to let her decide which she would like? Or, could you give one for Christmas and one for her birthday?

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Speaking of cowls, check out the Calystegia cowl listed in her free patterns. I think you might like it!

Lizzie said...

Ice Queen, most certainly! Or maybe the grey alpaca, no ice queen, it's gorgeous,

Lindi said...

You could wrap both and before giving, ask black or mixed greys?, or simply make, wrap, and give her a voucher telling her she gets to choose one.
Or decide which you would prefer for yourself and give her the other one! :)

Jejune said...

Absolutely stunning! I wear my Ice Queen or Good Luck cowls nearly non-stop all winter, wonderful inventions :) And so unbelievably clever of you to have spun that alpaca! And keep it for yourself - do a new one for your DIL :)

Anonymous said...

I just can't decide. Love both just as much.

Could you let DIL decide..... little gift card with photos.

Or I would be selfish and keep the alpaca just for me. Just because it is alpaca.