Friday, July 10, 2009

Alien Life Form Found In Central Victoria

A strange, and heretofore unknown, life form of presumably alien origin was discovered this morning in the unlikely surrounds of a dwelling near Castlemaine in the Central Victorian Highlands.
The householder, having been engaged in some spinning- related activity,

had taken a break to fetch firewood, accompanied by the family dog*

When she returned inside, after only a few minutes absence, she was astonished to see what appeared to be a blue sea anemone lying on the coffee table, and is totally at a loss to explain how it managed to materialise inside the house.

It obviously possesses some chameleonic qualities as it was observed to be mimicking the colour and appearance of one of the yarns being plied.
Although it is early days, local scientists have already postulated that the pseudo-anemone may have been attracted to the presence of the spinner's cats or possibly her son, and it is currently being monitored for further signs of activity

In possibly related news, what should have been approximately 300 metres of finished yarn, came in at just over 220m

* Bear is glad he was outside with Mum and is therefore above suspicion of involvement


Alice said...

How long can you hold the suspects before actually charging them? Out with the thumbscrews and make 'em confess while you still have

Rose Red said...

Oh noes!

I am so glad my cat is not in the least interested in yarn. Gah!

Blessings each day said...

How perfectly adorable. You did such an excellent job making this a post during which I could not stop smiling!

Will you be reporting this to the authorities?

And sweet little Bear...he just always looks so cute!

blessings and hugs,


Kate/Massachusetts said...

I'm so glad that Mr. Mischief was outside with you this time!! lol I wonder what gets into the critters sometimes to make them get so helpful. My cat carries my clean, rolled socks down to the kitchen and leaves them by the table. Now, if I could only teach him to fetch the paper instead!

Marcie said...

mmm, sounds like approx 20 metres of yarn is missing, could a cat possibly EAT that much? Have you instituted a thorough search for the missing fibre?

catsmum said...

Oh the yarn's not missing, Marcie - just creatively rearranged and unusable ... but it's just yarn isn't it. Gotta keep things in perspective, eh?

ozjane said...

That is a very expressive guilty not me, feline backside I can see in the picture.
I too am glad Bear is in the clear. Pity he is not aware of his good fortune.
I was out yesterday and walked over to the sofa in the back room to find shredded paper on the floor.
It gives me the irrits. This is a new game and I have to be careful not to leave something I may later need where the resident feline can decide if Mum is out....I will chew paper. Fix her.
I came in with my nice casserole tonight and all of a sudden my lap in bed was far more attractive than the front of the heater.
Mog hops up, ever so gently....tries a nose around to see if she can get lucky then ever so gently settles down on the lap to wait. Then as we hear the spoon hit the base of the dish the ears move a little and given a plate to lick........oh da pussy cat heaven.
Yes I know. Disgusting of me to allow it. But it is interesting to note what brings her.
I meant to look at what she had eaten before Wendy vacuumed it....alas now I shall never know.
What would we do without them??

Bernie said...

Oh Susan your last two post have been wonderful, you should write stories.
Has it warmed up any?
We are suppose to be in the throws of summer and we had frost last night. This is the coldest summer I can remember. Have a wonderful day......:-) Hugs

Rell said...

My dear Catsmum,
I am so sorry, I just floated down from Qld, to squish and hug your new spun yarn. I didn't realise I left a mess.
Please don't blame your cats.
Love Mikey.
PS~Mum came with me.

Alwen said...

LOOK at the innocent little folded paws on dat Bear! "That you should ever be accusing me!" he sez.