Sunday, July 05, 2009

the prodigal returns

Someone formerly very near and dear to me has been out of contact for quite a while, selfish little sod ... with nary a phone call, or email, and not so much as a nice postcard-with-view-of-foreign-parts
and then yesterday, without so much as a 'by your leave', or a 'do you mind', or even a 'have you missed me and I'm sorry I didn't call', she's back again
yes folks

my spinning mojo has returned

and just in time for the Ravelry Tour de Fleece.
and here is where I have a confession to make:
I've never been even remotely interested in watching the Tour De France, but Bells and RoseRed both blogged about joining the Ravelry TDF with the aim of knitting through the tour, and then when I checked out that forum, someone else mentioned that they were also participating in the Tour de Fleece which has the stated aim of spinning something [ anything ] on each of the days that the tour actually rides
... and I thought to myself "Self, Old Girl, that might be just what you need to entice that mojo back home Chez Catsmum ... what do you think, Old Bean? Topping, what ? " [ You'll have to forgive Self. She often talks like something out of a simply spiffing jolly Girl's Own Adventure ]

Anyway, topping or not, Self and I signed up, and then proceeded to haul Ms Charlotte Sheridan* out of her lonely exile in the livingroom and back into her previous place of honour in the rumpus room.
Bobbins, niddynoddy and Lazy Kate were located, rovings prepared,
I started at 11 last night along with the telecast of the day 1 time trials. I even managed to stay awake until Lance Armstrong had finished his ride, but at 1am, when they said Cadell Evans would be another 2 hours, I called it quits, massaged the gammy knee and headed for bed.

There have been a couple of sustained bursts of spinning activity during the day culminating in the completion of a bobbin containing 300 metres of Airforce Blue BWM singles

which was then plied with a bobbin of unidentified hand painted rovings [ which I am ashamed to say was spun in June last year ]

and of course you'll all believe me when I tell you that it was entirely planned to have 6" of yarn left over after plying**

[ and if you believe that there's a nice bridge in Brooklyn that I could sell you ]

... and now I remember one of the reasons that I haven't been spinning so much
my right knee hates me
so there won't be any green jersey sprints
and I'm unlikely ever to sport the coveted maillot jaune
but Spinning Mojo is home again and that makes me happy

* my favourite wheel
** this never ever happens


MadMad said...

And what a comeback! It's so pretty!

ozjane said...

try rubbing knee with that blue ice stuff before you start work......and at coffee, camomile tea breaks.

I have the stinging legs today from a night out at dinner sitting too long for this body to be comfortable with.....the Kirk this morning then Bunning, then Chemist and get the picture and the legs found some foot cream someone gave me and rubbed 'em and it actually helped. Wot a surprise. Fancy actually doing something and it works.!!
of course the brandy and dry now will just top it off!

ozjane said...

You can add the 's' on Bunning to make Bunnings if it helps.
The tall boy,....I had to call him a toy boy....just once, really helped me with my 4 bags of cane mulch, and a boot full of other bags of garden stuff. I lifted not a finger except to pay.
Quite wonderful...I like this feminine aging bit.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

When you sit to spin, try adding a second cushion to your seat so that your hips are higher than your knees. I don't know why it works for me but I seem to be able to spin longer and more comfortably in that position. I'm glad your mojo is back...would you please send mine back home? lol

Rose Red said...

Nice job on the spinning - looks fantastic.