Thursday, July 16, 2009

Basically I'm sulking

Feel free to skip what will undoubtedly be a major whinge:

The Australian Wool and Sheep Show is one sleep away ... and I found out YESTERDAY that David has a 'client-free' day tomorrow... In other words, he'll be at home.
They swear there was a notice before the school holidays but funnily enough I'm not the only one who knew absolutely nothing about it.
Had I known two weeks ago, perhaps I could have organised a Carer for Dave.
Two days ? n'est pas possible

For the record, David hates crowds, mud, crowds, other people's dogs, crowds, and large numbers of unpredictable woolly beasts ... did I mention he's not good with crowds ?
so taking him not really an option
and not only has it messed up something that I look forward to all year, but friend Jeanette won't go without me so it's buggered up her plans as well

I'm feeling a bit savage

I did take her out for a celebratory 50th birthday coffee this afternoon but it's hardly a substitute for all the fibrey goodness that will be happening in Bendigo for the next 3 days

We won't discuss the flat car battery, or the rusty nail that was introduced into my thumb* when I was moving firewood, other than to point out that these things are said to happen in threes, ergo I should be safe for at least the rest of the week.

To end on a more happy note, Sophie would like to show you the Ice Queen Cowl that I made for DDIL's 30th birthday
yarn: BWM 2ply laceweight in Blueberry which I then dyed black[ish]
needles: KP Harmony 5mm and 4mm
modifications: minimal - left off the beads and changed one set of the decreases, but next time I'll use a different picot cast-off.
Lovely pattern but made unnecessarily complicated.

* very small hole, tetanus shots fully up to date, hardly worth a mention were it not for the fact that it's in the one spot that could stop me from spinning for a day or two ... tragedy


Taphophile said...

That's an absolute bugger about Bendi - particularly as you were so looking forward to it! Thanks for the crochet offer, by the way. Will keep in mind for another time.

Cowl is divinity itself. :)

Rose Red said...

oh noes!
Can I get you anything (from Bendi, I mean...)

Warty Mammal said...

Aw, hell. I'm sorry.

sue said...

Oh no doesnt it drive you mad when things like that happen. I am not going to the show this year either although I would love to. I have decided to go to the craft show instead and they still have yarn there. It is in 2 weeks so it should be fun. I hope you can relax without being able to spin for a few days too. I think there is always a reason why these things happen although they are never obvious until afterwards.