Friday, July 24, 2009

I am a spoiled brat

It's been an odd week.
A week that has included some very, very good things ... and some not so.
hack! splutter!
On the debit side was the hour I spent standing at the Top End Servo in the freezing cold - and rain - did I mention the rain? - inhaling petrol fumes while waiting for the RACV guy to arrive [ long story - tell you later ] and possibly as a consequence of which, I'm currently battling the common cold [ with a side order of FMS induced chronic fatigue ] which is my excuse for the appalling lack of blogging this week

cough! cough! argh!

For today though, one of the items perched very solidly on the positive side of the ledger:
a wonderful squishy care package from
my friend Lisette who informed me a few weeks ago that she was posting me up 'a little something'. I naively assumed it was the recycled-from-being-used-to-wrap-market-purchases asian newspaper I'd asked her to save for a planned mixed media piece

so you can imagine how gobsmacked I was to find all this largesse at the Post Office

the aforementioned 'small something' which turned out to be four tiny maneki neko [ lucky cat ] beads for my collection. Each one less than a half inch tall!
but wait
there's more
on the intervening weeks while patiently waiting to be conveyed into the arms of Australia Post, the cats had been joined by
25 grams of pure cashmere
all sorts of wonderful asian goodies
some fabulous green yarn from Yarn Barn and

oops ... sorry ... wrong photo ... these are Sophie's toes
now where was it ?
le piece de la resistance
from the dyepot of Emily Parsons: ...
Sophie's Toes Sock Yarn


ozjane said...

just prove they are not Moggies toes!
I nearly sent you a ball of tummy fur to spin today.
We have found a haunt in the can hutch quilt holder and we had nestled in well into one of my quilts. It was attacked by the brush and some cat fleecy now sits on top of it....was going to make a top once......fear I have outgrown it.
Get better.
I was to go to Physio and foot man yesterday after carefully organizing appointments...they are in the same building...was as sick as 10 dogs till 3 am when I got up....cleared up for the cleaning lady, washed and blow waved the hair, changed the cat litter and went back to bed.
Now I am reminded by my sore neck of how silly it was to cancel.....should have dragged the dogs along with me.

Blessings each day said...

Hope you feel much better soon, Susan. And you are NOT are sweet and deserve every treat you get!



p.s. Loved the kitty toes you 'threw' in there with the other photos.

lisette said...

you deserve much bigger and oftener treats, you know :)


Rose Red said...

So nice! Love the beads, and the Sophie's Toes (all of them!)

Lindi said...

Love the beads. Such a nice pressie to receive. Hope you are better real soon.

Lizzie said...

What a lovely way to finish a less than ordinary week,

Sheepish Annie said...

Not spoiled at all. You are a person deserving of good things. Hence, they come to you.

That's just the way it works. I don't know how the cold ended up coming your way because that certainly doesn't fit the definition of "good," but Karma is a weird and mystical thing. I don't always "get" how it does business. It was probably a clerical error...