Monday, June 29, 2009

Gothic yarn, vampire visitation and a phantom guest

No brekkie for me this morning!
I was due at Maldon Hospital at 10am to take part in a Victoria-wide health survey which involved fasting for 12 hours followed by a visit to the friendly neighborhood vampire and a battery of tests, measurements, and questions,

I was 20 minutes early - no point hanging around in town after dropping Dave off and hardly worth going home for the sake of less than half an hour - and was armed with my current travel knitting but wouldn't ya know it, just because I came prepared to wait, I got shown straight in... bugger

Luckily for me, no one has ever had any difficulty finding a vein or drawing my blood ... which was just as well given the surprisingly large amount of it that was removed.
The lass before me wasn't quite so lucky and ended up on the floor for about ten minutes, which isn't really what you want to see as you walk in!
An hour, a bit of cottonwool, a cup of tea and a biscuit later, I was home again and racing around doing all that stuff one does when a visitor is about to arrive ... and then I waited
... and waited
... and waited

I checked for phone messages

and went back to waiting [ and before you ask, no, I don't have her mobile number, and she's house sitting at the moment and neglected to pass on that number ]

Finally as darkness closed in, dinner was cooking and five hours after Lynnie should have arrived, her daughter rang to say that L was unwell and wouldn't be coming, and that she [ the daughter ] should've rung in the morning but hadn't gotten around to it !!!!!

So I have a nicely clean house, extra food, and an unplanned free day tomorrow
I'm sure I can think of something to do with it that obviously won't need to involve much housework

It might involve playing with the superfine merino laceweight that I dyed yesterday:
I was aiming for something suitable for my daughter-in-law's birthday but the warm brown-and/or-black that I had in mind turned out to be a luscious aubergine, purple and black - very gothic- so I'm calling it Nightwings [ unless one of you comes up with a better suggestion ]

Back to slaving over a hot microwave with another hank of the same BWM 2- ply and this time it came out a really deeply saturated black [ much darker than the photo shows ]

I love it when a plan comes together

so that will be for DDIL
I'm leaning towards Ice Queen again

but that ruby red Mooi from Ecoyarns is calling its siren song and ooh, that Nightwings really really wants to be something as well.

Lead me not into temptation ... I can find it perfectly well all by myself!


Marcie said...

that aubergine is really gorgeous, and Nightwings an apt name, looking forward to see what it becomes.

Lizzie said...

Very well named, it looks luscious and could almost make me want to knit again - only almost. Although it would look equally good crocheted too and that I can do!!

Jejune said...

Glad you had no trouble with the blood letting ... I have the opposite problem, veins that hide and run at weird steep angles and make things painful and difficult.

The Nightwings is a perfect name (and colour). Hope you enjoyed your 'free' day!

Alice said...

That 'Nightwings' is a beautiful colour....the name is pretty snazzy too.

ozjane said...

Love the nightwings.
Enjoy being your own visitor,and enjoy eating your own food.
After watching lots of Masterchef I was actually inspired to do more than just cook the scotch fillet tonight. I had shallots (the real brown ones) butter, some Marsala I found somewhere, some butter and a mini slurp of soy. Carrots, peas and beans (frozen) got a little Manuka honey and a potato has been sliced and microwaved then cooked in the pan with the steak, taken out prior to sauce making.
I did enjoy it. Better than a cup of soup and a sandwich then life here has degenerated to at times of late.
Did not plate it well enough to rate a photo..

Anonymous said...

Love that last line :)


Elizabeth McClung said...

Oh, I like the goth colors and that style of gothic wear in your link. you are a funny and passionate writer. I always told students it isn't the subject but the writer that makes the subject interesting, I just didn't think it would be applied so well in your blog. Ice queen, well, I am pale but done have the circle face best for this - darn. Will have to go with my strengths (Scaring heads of corporations and amusing children).