Sunday, June 14, 2009

another Sunday Salmagundi

As everyone seemed to rather like the idea of 'Sunday Salmagundi', it continues
[ even though I actually had blog-fodder for at least two, maybe three, cohesive posts ]

the haunt of local ducks, dogs and power walkers
Castlemaine Botanical Gardens

the start of my 'wattle robe for a winter goddess' quilt

- basically just creating some small bits which may become larger yardage [ fodder for a later post ] Maybe you can see where I've used bits of that altered batik fabric from the Op Shop... and, contrary to normal practice, I'm not putting in a link to the relevant previous post because the fabric photo is way down at the bottom.

and a teasing corner of a lino block that I began carving on Friday [ and more blog fodder for another day ]

so there's your pot-pourri of unconnected images for this cold wintery Sunday - and I didn't even show you the knitting that I started yesterday :]


Groomer Angie said...

Nice pictures, hard to believe you guys are having cold wintery days when it's 80F here with thunderstorms on the horizon. ;)

Fee said...

Hello Susan,
thanks for visiting my blog. For the actually "Give away" there was nothing to do. I had the idea to make a present to the 50. reader who follows my blog and the present is actually on the way. But i think sometimes there is a new Give away again.
My english isn't so good, that i am able to blog in english too. If you want to translate the page you may use the "freetranlation" on the right side of the blog.
It's a terrible translation but i think better than nothing *giggle.

Many greetings of your fairy ;-)

Anonymous said...

My goodness you are one crafty lady.
What don't you know how to do? Love the photos.

Bernie said...

Susan, you have to be the most creative person I know. I love your photo's, your quilting, and that carving looks absolutely beautiful.....:-) Hugs

Lynne said...

Is there no end to your talents? Do you have more hours in a day than the rest of us? Do you spend less time on the computer than I do?

Can you tell I'm a little jealous? LOL

Beautiful carving; I had no idea you were into lino cuts [as well]!!

BTW, my word verification was 'mogicato'; I thought you'd like it [being a cat-lover and all]! Ours is a "mogi-cato" - a tabby, domestic short hair with the exotic name of Tomodachi [Japanese for "friend"].

Blessings each day said...

You sure are talented! I don't even know what a lino block looks as if it is something etched on glass...very nice!
Your "Header" mentions blathering (I like this word) on about spinning and clogging as well...will there be a post on these in the future?? My caughters took clogging lesons when they wee little.



Brenda said...

I thought you would enjoy this blog post about kids.

Warty Mammal said...

Wow. You carve linoleum too? You multi-talented creature, you.