Saturday, June 06, 2009

in the wars

I think Bear suffers from a Napoleon Complex.
He has this deep seated need to overcome his shortness of stature by huringl verbal insults at any car, magpie, or passing dog-four-times-his-size

"Bark! Bark! Bark! Yeah, you and what army!"

one day he's going to pick the wrong dog .... or magpie ... or car, but yesterday afternoon it was 'large-nice-friendly-dog-that-lives-down-on-the-corner-with-Hans-and-Anna' who generally ignores the small, annoying barking-mad one.
Anyway, I wandered down to say hello and to try and shut you know who up ...

So there I was chatting to Hans, and Anna had moved on a few feet with 'LNFDTLDOTCWHAA', when I noticed a car approaching ... fast ... and clear indication from MrB that he was going to be on a collision course with its wheels [ the girls renting down the road haven't worked out yet that a narrow gravelled country "road" is not the Calder Park Speedway ]
as he started to accelerate, I bent down and grabbed the only bit of him still in reach, which happened to be his tail.
I can only think that I must've startled him because he shrieked as though all the devils of all the hells were attacking him ... I was still bent over trying to get a safer hold of him, and the next thing I knew a ballistic missile slammed into the side of my face.
LNFDTLDOTCWHAA obviously thought that I was harming the small annoying dog, and he'd bolted away from Anna and leaped to the rescue.

Net result:

I now have a miniscule nick in the fold at the corner of my eye, a bump on the cheekbone the size of half a golfball and a not-quite-black-more-like-purple-or-maybe-aubergine eye.

it's okay so long as I don't touch it, but I have to tell you that it's more than a bit disconcerting to be able to see your own cheekbone without having to look in a mirror

and no you don't need to see a photo


ozjane said...

Birds of a feather and all that.......
You do seem to get yourself into the battered woman syndrome very successfully all on your ownsome..

Bear ware.

As we have mentioned is just as well he looks cute.
Do hope you heal soon.

lisette said...

nope don't need to see a photo but definitely need a lie down after that description! that sounds exquisitely painful - are you putting ice on it?

and can you email me your post box addy again - i have a small small ting for you

crazyhaberdasher said...

You might have to enlist the aid of Doctor Harry! (and Doctor Wright)..... possibly a lead might help as well!!

Bernie said...

So sorry you were hurt but your story and how you told it brought a smile to my face, I do hope your feeling better......:-) Hugs

Blessings each day said...

In the movies they always put a steak on the injured eye...hmmm...maybe you needed it BEFORE the injury, to divert both dogs??!!
Did you tell Bear how naughty he had been? Thank the Good Lord that no one and no pet was hurt by the car.

Hope you do feel better fast, but not even a teeny tiny photo???

blessings always,


Nicole and Phil said...

Ouch, hope you are fully mended very soon! some knitting will help with your therapy! ;)

Alwen said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear it. It sounds very painful. But I'm glad Bear didn't go under the car.

Our smallish black dog is the wheel-chaser. Fortunately for her, the only wheels she can reach are on our two-wheeled garden cart!

Rose Red said...

Gah! But at least you saved Bear, so it was worth it (I hope!!)

blessed speedy said...

Im very disappointed there is no photo - but I can understand

Anonymous said...

hesitate to recommend raw steak when Mr B could leap on you and inflict more damage! Speedy recovery, dear!

Sheridan said...

It was great meeting you at Purl's Palace last Wednesday. Enjoyed your blog and shall keep up to date with your goings on - though I hope they are a little less eventful!
Thought your shawl was fabulous and I think Bear is a real cutie.
Go gently,

Lynne said...

Oh Susan I'm so sorry; I hope it doesn't affect your crafting too much. At least you have the knowledge that you saved Bear from who-knows-what!