Monday, June 01, 2009

I know it doesn't look like it ...

... but I have been knitting

a lot

you knit
and you knit and then
you knit some more
and you've managed to add one measly 8 row repeat [ about an inch of length ] after a whole evening's toil

Personally, I think that there's some kind of black hole operating in the rumpus room that spews out progress in inverse proportion to the amount of effort sucked into it.

of course the fact that there's over 400 stitches on the needle may have something to do with that

and Bear says
"Yes, I just had a bath ... no, I do not want to discuss it" ?"


ozjane said...

But Bear, go look in the mirror. That little tail does look so cute and fluffy.

Blessings each day said...

Long rows of knitting drive me crazy too. I remember knitting a baby blanket for my little granddaughter (now a little over a year old) and it was on round needles and I felt like I was going up the down escalator some days!
I keep telling God I need patience, but right now!!

Bear is just too cute for words...does he let you love on him? I would be driving him crazy with holding and petting him!!

blessings and hugs,


Warty Mammal said...

You do a lot of EVERYTHING. It's impressive.

Bernie said...

Hope you enjoyed your bath and are well rested to begin knitting again tomorrow. Your doggie is really cute.....:-) Hugs

catsmum said...

Hey Bernie - it was Bear's slightly fluffy post-bath look that I was referring to

Alwen said...

Boy, I know. I only have 3, count'em, three! pattern rounds left of Christel. The last one was 576 stitches.

Sheepish Annie said...

400 stitches? I cannot even begin to contemplate... But the work is paying off. It looks lovely!

As does Bear. Not happy, mind you. But he does look lovely.

Lynne said...

Bear really does look like he thinks that!

400 stitches per row - well that would make for slow progress! I have 272 now [on a neck-down poncho] and am increasing 8 stitches every four rows but I'm going to run out of yarn so a-frogging we will go!!

Groomer Angie said...

Bear is just too cute! Sorry I haven't been around, things are crazy here, I've missed your posts.