Thursday, May 28, 2009

A good day

It started with a beautiful, misty, 2 degree morning which I totally failed to take a photo of so here's one I prepared earlier

which segued into an unplanned and wholly serendipitous cup of dragon chai at the Coffee Bean with Robyn

[ NOTE: when one is in the car heading out of town and one's good friend is on foot heading the other way, the mutual ability to use Makaton Sign Language is quite handy. Coffee? Yes, sure! ]

Then home where, after some brisk raking-and-piling , I was sitting here at lunchtime, catching up on my Ravelry forums [ as you do ] and happened upon a thread discussing the arrival of shade cards for a new alpaca from Bendigo Woollen Mills... who'd got 'em and who, as a result of that news, was now waiting anxiously by the letterbox.
Well, the fact that my 'letterbox' was in town, 6.5 km away, wasn't going to stop me ... not on your nellie it wasn't ... and in any case, one of the girls had helpfully posted several pics of the shade card ... so I jumped in the freshly serviced and very happy vehicle and headed north.

Alas and alack, there was no Rich Alpaca to be seen [ mainly because the girls in the Mill shop hadn't even been told that the mail-out had gone ahead ] but the exceedingly nice and helpful girl behind the register dropped everything and went off to find the colours that I was after. Can't argue with that kind of service, can you?
Anyway, while I was waiting, I just happened to find 'one or two' other treasures in the magic back room of huge discounts :
200 grams of a beautiful red in Colonial for less than $8

all this in Classic, some more of the Aran in Dusty Blue and some 10ply black - and a wee ball of navy that's bound to come in handy at some point - in the new Luxury... all this in addition to my 6 x 200 gram [ 7 ounce ] balls of the Alpaca.
plus the new issue of Yarn Magazine

and this is where we get to the next major installment of my good day ...

Home, David picked up, shopping cleared away and armed with a cuppa, I settled down on the couch, turned to the letters page of my lovely shiny new mag and read a slightly familiar letter.
The last issue had concentrated in part on the International Year of Natural Fibres and had asked the readers to nominate their favourite natural fibre

and in the other corner of the page I read:

and very nearly sprayed the surrounding area with the contents of my coffee mug

Can I get a woo? and possibly a Hoo to go with it?

I'm thinking about using it to get something excessively and unapologetically frivolous and luxurious that I could never in a million years justify buying - like their bison/casmere/bamboo blend laceweight at $60 something a 50 gram ball...
What would you choose ?

and just when you thought that the day couldn't possibly hold anything else ...
I got to choir tonight to be presented with a CD of beautiful harp music that I'd won [ tenth prize mind you] in the Oxfam Walk-Against-Want Raffle.
I never win raffles
This was one of those dealies where there was a big basket of goodies and each winner in turn got to choose, on down to the last prize which was mine. I remember saying when I bought the ticket that I'd have a hard time choosing between a length of beautiful blue Timorese fabric and this particular CD.

So I was pretty happy with my prize.

[ but wait there's more ]

when I got David off the Social Club bus a few minutes ago, I was told that Mr. Picky had eaten not only lasagne for dinner [ unheard of ] but also yoghurt for dessert - two foods that we have never ever been able to get him to even try a mouthful of.

a good day in every respect


Robbyn said...

Yee-hah! sounds like you had a fabulous day! I'm so tickled for you, I'm sitting here chortling. I know it doesn't make up for the migraine miseries, but at least it balances things a bit :)

Alwen said...

Wow, I am about to fly down and give your head a rub for some luck!

Oh, yeah, and WOO HOO!

Blessings each day said...

So happy for you, Susan, you richly deserve it. So heartening to see someone so nice get "rewarded".

Congratulations, but be careful so the coffee or tea doesn't go flying out your nose!!



ozjane said...

Wow and whoo hoo.....
Think real Belgium dark chocolates as they used to be at diamaru where each one was about $5 each.

Then again a visit to Ackland street has not happened for a long time.
$100 if stocking the fridge does not go far there either.
Notice I am thinking food today.
I am not a normal chocolate has to be expensive and over the top, so it was the combination of the thought of free money that did it.
I cannot believe with this new computer I can click on your page and it, not 15 mins later.
See in blog what Moggie thinks of more desk space.

Bernie said...

Woo Hoo and congratulations. What a lovely day you have had and so deserving I am sure. I wish many more days like this for you.
Take care......:-) Hugs

Bells said...

Excellent day and I reckon that gets a huge WOO HOO! Score! Looking forward to seeing what you buy.

Anonymous said...

Best. Day. Ever!!!!

Lynne said...

Woo Hoo!!


I got my shade card but I'm trying not to be interested!! LOL

Just ten rows to go to finish the final sleeve for mum's jumper then blocking and seaming!! Woo hoo - her birthday's on Thursday!! I made it in time!!

Rose Red said...

Oh what a great day!! Great pick up at Bendy and then the letter and the voucher - just fabulous!!

Me, I'd go for things that you'd never dream of buying with your own money - go for the $60 ball of yarn, you deserve it!!

(reckon you probably knew I'd say that...)

Mimi said...

You go girl and keep those baskets right sides up for more good things to fall in :)