Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bear-thday postscript

When I took Ms Molly's birthday bone across today [ wrapped in foil and tied in a big purple ribbon ] I wasn't entirely surprised to find that Pete and Brenda had also paid the butcher a visit ... talk about one happy little Bear! He now has bones buried both here and next door and I await with no small amount of trepidation the day that he digs 'em all up again :]

He also wants to thank everyone for their Bear-thday wishes...

Ethel, meanwhile, is peeping imprecations under her breath and threatening to take the Bearmeister to the [very small] Small Claims Tribunal
Bear wishes to point out that it is in the nature of terriers to chase anything that runs
especially silly, bloody Guinea Fowl
and he didn't really mean to deprive Ethel of her tail feathers.


Blessings each day said...

So Bear has a naughty streak or was he just getting carried away with all the festivities (kind of 'drunk' with presents and attention)? He puts on a good look of innocence. Hopefully the tail feathers will grow back and she won't be off balance!
Does Bear remember where his bones are and dig them up?



Marcie said...

Sooo cute! Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, would it?

Bernie said...

Cute post, love pics of Ms Molly and hope that Ethel doesn't hold a grudge....Have a wonderful day,
....:-) Hugs

ozjane said...

Somehow that bear, notice he is not called DOG has his owner wrapped very securly around his wicked little paws.
I just hope the felines are plotting their revenge just to keep the status quo interesting.
The little tyke is so darn photogenic......

Alwen said...

"Nibbler" indeed! peep peep peep to Ethel from me!