Friday, May 08, 2009

who's a spoiled girl then?

that would be me!

I went into town to drop David off and then to the Coffee Bean to meet Robyn for a mug of Dragon Chai each [ that's chai with chilli flakes in it served with frothed milk and honey ... very warming on a cold day and highly recommended by yours truly ]

and she presented me with these and don't they look just perfect in the John Campbell jug that my parents bought on their honeymoon in 1950 ?

I have nice friends!


Jejune said...

You DO have nice friends!

I love the sound of that Dragon Chai - chilli is a wonderful addition to just about anything, I reckon ;)

Alwen said...

We make dragon cocoa in the winter, yum! My husband loves chai, so I will share the idea of dragon chai with him.

Blessings each day said...

I love the fact that you found such a perfect vase, thereby having two special things complimenting each other (crazy me, I can now imagine the vase saying "Oh, you flowers are oh so pretty" and then the flowers say "No, you are just a beautiful work of art, vase" and it goes back and forth like that...oh the hazards of being born a redhead!)

blessings on your blessings,


Lynne said...

Lovely combination, the flowers and the jug!

Bernie said...

What lovely flowers and your parents wedding gift jug matches beautifully. You are blessed with flowers and friends....have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day....:-) Hugs