Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yes folks, it's Sunday

and we all know what that means, right ?

Yup, another Sunday Salmagundi of the bits and pieces that I didn't get around to showing you during the week

midwinter morning ...

delightful squishy mail:
You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I was rhapsodising over having won a voucher from Ecoyarns.
Well, thanks to the fact that Vivian is having a June sale, and with a bit of my own funds added as a way of saying thankyou, I was able to get even more bang for my buck
and this is what was waiting for me at the Post Office on Friday:

one gorgeous, unbelievably luscious, soft skein of Louet Mooi Laceweight [ bison, cashmere and bamboo ] in Ruby - a lovely heathered soft country red

which is thinking about becoming a cowl, probably Ice Queen and in the meantime I will just love it and pet it and try very hard not to drool on it

and 13 balls of SWTC Inspiration [ soysilk and alpaca ]

that's 4 balls of a lovely magenta called Magic and 9 [ all they had or I would've bought more I suspect] of Memories.
On my monitor Memories showed as a medium Wedgewood-ish Blue but what arrived was more of a blued/greyed lavender, which I like even better than what I thought I was getting, and, thanks to the above mentioned sale, it was 40% off !!!!

and this is a not-at-all-gratuitous cat photo
Oakley inspecting my new short cowdy boots that I found at Tar-zhay.
Needless to say, they aren't leather, and I fully expect them to get trashed, because these are going to be the ones I wear pretty much all the time, when I'm not wearing my bestest red-and-black ones, from now until about the end of October. Okay, so they're not one of my colours, but for just over $30 [ shoe sale! ] I'll manage with tan.

what else?
what I've been knitting this week?
a couple more cowls ... which I haven't photographed yet ... but one's pale blue and one's black and both for DD
what I've been reading ?
Well, thanks to a major bout of not-sleeping that saw me totally conscious, if not at my best, from 3.15 am yesterday, I've finished the last of my Terry Pratchett's - Making Money - which makes 34 novels read so far this year.
After a mild panic attack about what to read next, I picked up the first Artemis Fowl.
It's a kid's book, and I guess because of a lot of hype, I was hoping for something in the same league as the Harry Potters ... but ... so far? ... not really ... nope.
I'm working my way through #2, having read #1 yesterday, and I'll read #3 as well, but only because they're here.
Mind you, I also had a less than thrilled reaction to Eragon and only got about a third the way through the first one, whereas Nadie stuck with them and says they improved.
If it turns out that Nadie likes this lot, they're hers.

and what's on the horizon?
an ex-student is arriving tomorrow because she wanted to go see the Archibalds while they're in Bendy.
I didn't really get asked.
I got told ...
so it's just as well I love her to bits, cos this means I'm going to be missing Purl's Princesses on Wednesday.
The Archibalds!
all good


Rose Red said...

Oh I saw your lovely Ecoyarns haul on Ravelry - yummy!! What great things you chose!

And good buy on the cowdy's, will help save your really good ones for longer!

Lynne said...

Yummy yarn!

And cute boots!

Sheepish Annie said...

I know what you mean about Artemis Fowl. I like the books, I suppose. But they aren't my favorites.

Have you ever read The Chronicles Of Chrestomanci? I just picked up volumes I & II yesterday and the first is quite good. I've still not found that Harry Potter substitute I've been seeking though...

Alwen said...

I think I like Diana Wynne Jones (Chrestomanci & c) better than Eoin Colfer. Of the three, I like Terry Pratchett best!

Sweet yarn! I'm feeling a bit full from yarn buying, so now I'm trying to make some of the lovely visions I had when I bought this yarn I'm already stuffed with.

=Tamar said...

I really dislike Artemis Fowl. Diana Wynne Jones is excellent. You might also try Diane Duane. She has a fairly wide ranging series that begins with So You Want To Be A Wizard. Or try Connie Willis, who has a very wide range.
Then reread Pratchett again if you haven't already.