Thursday, June 04, 2009

more Knit-A-Square

The new Knit-A -Square forum has its own resident poet, and I have Tim Whitson's permission to share this awesome effort with you.


Why knitting? With a thousand things to choose
of graver consequence I would have thought
that fickle and departed tart, my muse,
might have inspired a more enthralling sport.

But no. So knitting it would have to be.
Two sticks, a length of string and endless time
to make some sense of purl and plain. To me
it seemed a vague and lonely pantomime.

Initially, the battle with disease
looked too unequal. How could knitters armed
with nothing more than needled yarn appease
that monster, AIDS? How could it be disarmed?

A million and a half (or thereabouts),
unparented, abandoned and alone,
hungry, homeless, hopeless, cold. My doubts
soon set about knitting themselves a home

in my gut – a useless site to stitch.
Faithless me. How could I have forgotten
the internet’s electric talking which
energises fibre, yarn and cotton?

Now suddenly your knitting is a rhyme,
a hand-sung hymn, a symphony of clicks
performed by nimble fingers (unlike mine),
a wall of hope in wool instead of bricks.

I’ve come to like your craft, when once I fought
my mother for the right to be outfitted
in any form of garment that I thought
a million miles removed from being knitted.

And like it more for what it represents:
the thin, unbreaking thread of simple love
that salves the small and poor, without pretence.
Is this the proof I search for from above?

Tim Whitsun
May 21 2009

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ozjane said...

I am not going backwards. I have been there, done that, knitted the boyfriends jumpers to prove it and I am knitted out.....
I keep this as my mantra.
Can you send me an email from Mr Bear and friends please..we have lost your email address in the big computer changeover.
We may get it again....but for

catsmum said...

anyway if you took up knitting again, I'd need to give you your stash back
hope you approve of what I've been doing with it [ well yeah, I know that you do ]

Lindi said...

Congratulate Tim for me, please, on his poem. He expresses himself very well. I love how the essence and heart of the cause shines through.

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow. That's the sort of thing I think every now and again but can never seem to express so well. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Bernie said...

Congratulations Tim, a beautiful poem expressing care and compassion. Also explains so much about those affected by this horrible disease. God Bless them all.......:-) Hugs

Lynne said...

Lovely poem Tim and I'm so glad you've come to see knitting in a whole new light!

Can we now persuade you to become one of us?? LOL