Wednesday, April 29, 2009

when is a bag not a bag ?

when it gets frogged [ twice ] and reincarnates as a roll brimmed hat

meanwhile version 2 begins life as a hat and ends up as a bag
... I've done the 'cables' slightly differently on each one because they're destined to be class samples, but essentially the only difference between the tit for tat and the bag is the presence or absence of a drawstring.

You may remember that the Lyndham Scarf began life as a beginner's class project ...
oh come on ...
indulge me here folks.
I like to think that you all remember stuff like that because it's so vitally important.
Well, anyway, that was project #1 and was designed to teach all the basic crochet stitches and working flat.
This is #2 and is aimed at working in the round, increases and using front post stitches to form mock cables.

each piece took almost exactly 2 x 50 gram balls
Rare Yarns 8ply
Rare Yarns Cocoon
from Purl's Palace in Daylesford



finished [ except for weaving in the ends ] : about an hour ago, including the double rip out and redo on the rust/black one

... and just in case you're interested, it's supposed to get down to zero tonight and minus 1 in Bendigo - which is a bit odd because usually our winter weather is slightly colder than Deepest Darkest Bendigonia.
It got down to minus 1.9 as it happens and here's the first real frost of the year on yarrow leaves


Lindi said...

Now that is what I would call a very versatile pattern! They'd be ideal travelling with in cool weather. "Let's see now, do I need you as a bag or hat today?"

Sarah said...

CUte and clever. A good in the round project too!

Lynne said...

A beanie that becomes a bag - now that could sell!! LOL

Seriously, well done. And yes, I DO remember the scarf!

That photo of 'frost on yarrow leaves' is beautiful. [I love prosaic titles - I don't think they lack imagination at all. After all, they worked for Stretton, Conder, et al.]