Friday, April 10, 2009

Catsmum's creative space part 4

just when you thought it was all done and dusted ...

[ and that's your error right there ... dusting ... me ? ... pffft ]

there are some creative activities that are better done outside, and some consumables that I REALLY don't want inside

so my dyes and associated supplies live in this artistic arrangement of cobwebs in the carport

against the wall is one of my trestle tables [ with a couple more up the hill, in the shed, should I need them ] and under it:

a tub full of my 'genuine Japanese antique' plastic aggi pipe used for shibori and
Dorothy, my huge old dinosaur of a microwave
who thrives on an occasional diet of superheated wool products, Landscape dyes and eucalyptus leaves
If I need running water, the tap in the goat paddock is easily accessible, although sometimes I will admit to hankering after a plumbed-in sink or trough of some sort.

I could probably also claim this as an extension of my creative space:
There has been knitting and crochet activity out here from time to time
but if I'm being perfectly honest, once I get settled with a cuppa and an animal or two, I'm far more likely to sit, relax, imbibe the surroundings and just be


lisette said...

i can vouch for the relaxingness of that spot :)

Sarah said...

Seriously, I feel like I'm looking into my future :)
I love how many places you have to find something cool to make!

Lindi said...

Your place is a creator's dream! I'm seriously envious.

Rose Red said...

Thanks for sharing all of your creative spaces (and stash storage spots!) - I thought I had a lot of stash, I am SO showing my husband your fabric stash!! What a wonderful lot of inspiration you have available to you (not just from the stash and patterns and magazines, but from your surroundings and friends too). Wonderful.

catsmum said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh now you do have to be careful showing my stashes to the other half ...
there will be one of two reactions:
well, I guess you don't have so much after all [ this is the reaction we want ]
so this is what I have to look forward too ??

cat in tassie said...

Hi Susan

I've enjoyed taking a peek into your 'studio/house'. Your fabric stash almost puts mine to shame (heehee). I haven't taken photos of my studio for a while so I might put it on the to-do list.

Lynne said...

Yep, I can relate. My old microwave and dyeing supplies live on the back veranda [or screened enclosure as we usually call it] - the tap's in the laundry a couple of metres away!

Thanks for the tour - I've really enjoyed it.