Tuesday, April 14, 2009

family history

My mother was the firstborn in her family and didn't marry until the age of 30.
My father was the second youngest of a very, very large family, married at 37, and was in his 40s by the time I arrived.
I always had the oldest parents of anyone I knew
Add to that, because Dad's older sibs had married decades before he did, most of my first cousins on Dad's side of the family were well and truly married off before I came along, so I barely know them.

A very different situation exists on Mum's side of the family:

Mum's youngest sib and only brother was born when my Grandmother was in her late 40s and his oldest sisters were away serving in the WAAF,
Had his older sisters reproduced at what was considered the normal age for the time, he could easily have had nephews or nieces the same age as himself
but they didn't
so Uncle Ross first became 'Uncle Ross' at age 10, and was 11 when I was born

and my father had a brother-in-law who was precisely, to the day, 30 years his junior.

In his turn, my uncle didn't become a father until he was almost 40

All of which goes to explain why I have a gorgeous uncle who has been mistaken for my brother on occasiona first cousin who is slightly younger than one of my own children
and a second cousin whom I got to meet for the first time on Easter Sunday This is my cousin Katharine with Miss Sasha Annabelle who, although initially unsure about the caprine contingent, was quite happy to feed them her leftover pumpkin scone ... thereby making three friends for life [ Robbyn being her usual grumpy self is reserving judgement ]


Nat said...

hehehe I know that feeling! On mum's side, she's the youngest of 7 girls with 2 younger brothers. There's something like 20years between my oldest aunt and mum. I'm the second youngest "first cousin" on mum's side of the family, with lots of second cousins who are my age or older. It's so confusing! At least dad's side of the family is simple. Him and a younger sister, and me being the youngest.

Anyway, just dropping by to say hi! I'm feeling much better, although the stiches are getting itchy now, but I think I'm recovering nicely all things considered. Hopefully there's no major setbacks, am looking forward to visiting on the weekend with Nadie and everyone, will be a welcome distraction to get out of the house and relax!

Nat xx

catsmum said...

Glad the op went well Nat and am looking forward to spoiling you a bit this weekend

Rose Red said...

me too! My mum is the youngest of 10 (her oldest brother is over 20 years older than her) - his daughter was my mum's bridesmaid - she is only a couple of years younger than my mum. And I'm the youngest of 5, so I have second cousins who are older than me. It's kinda weird!

Lynne said...

Uncle Ross does look like you! I can see why people would think he was your brother.

Sheepish Annie said...

Family...is there anything more interesting? Thanks for sharing the family pix!