Monday, April 06, 2009

show your creative space[s] part 1

About a week ago, I happened across a collection of links where bloggers were sharing photos of their dedicated workspaces: small and large, organised and ... umm ... not

and of course, now I can't find it again [ and there was a Mr Linky and everything ]

but I've decided to share anyway

... which is the biggest joke of all, because I don't have a dedicated workspace anymore, so much as I have most of a house.

So over the next couple of posts, I thought I'd show you my various 'creative spaces' and also my storage areas, which in this house is not at all the same thing ... and yeah, I know that all the how-to books advocate storing the stuff where you'll be most likely to use it but my house my rules which pretty much translates to: I stick it where it fits.

you're all most welcome to come on a cyber-visit Chez Catsmum
just so long as one thing is perfectly clear:

do not expect perfect housekeeperliness. This is a house with cats, dog, dust and occasional goat hair!
I'm a firm believer in that saying about dull women having immaculate houses, and I try very hard not to be a dull woman

so I haven't tidied up for you ... much ... and this really is how it looks for most of the year when not submerged under the Christmas explosion
Organisation of a sort ... yes ... clean? ... mostly ... but tidy? ... not in THIS lifetime, kiddo!

so with that disclaimer out of the way, we'll start at the rumpus room end of the house:

this is where most of the knitting, crochet and sometimes spinning, happens. Also vegging out in front of the tv and general reading of a craft related nature
The couch:and I left the protection-from-resident-animals-upside-down-quilt in place for artistic verisimilitude.
There are two wicker baskets and a large hat box under the coffee table which hold WIPs, UFOs, my sets of KP Options and Harmony circs and general knitting paraphenalia, including all that stuff like stitch markers, sheepie tape measure, needle gauge, sewing needles, scissors, needle protectors, stitch holders and a notepad.
My other needles live in a rusty blue and white tin beside the tv, and the crochet hooks are in a beautiful little paper covered Japanese tea canister - also blue - over on the dvd unit.
Also in the DVD unit are my knitting/crochet pattern collections, magazines and books [ curtains normally closed ]There are severely herniated binders for the vintage baby patterns by company and in more or less date order, and the patterns printed from the internet are also divided into categories for baby hats, bootees, socks, etc, then baby sweaters and jackets, women's wear, accessories and novelties, toys, technical articles. The sock patterns recently graduated to their own binder.
The yarn stash lives around the corner in the spare, spare bedroom which it shares with MissC. The Roberta electric spinning wheel and drum carder - recently arrived from Tassie with Beryl - are still floating around in there, trying to find their proper home. The yarn lives in the cupboard, spinning fibre up the top and that's a double row of shelving and tubs in there folks. I have very very deep wardrobes and like I said before organised does not necessarily equal neat

and if anyone finds that site with the linky to everyone else's spaces, you will let me know, right ?


lisette said...

if it's the one i'm thinking of. your whole house is a creative space :)

Tweed Delights said...

Really enjoyed being "allowed in" to see you creative space! Looks very inviting, cosy and creative : ) Wish I could quilt!
("www.kootoyoo.blogspot" is what I link to too)

Alwen said...

Looks pretty organized to me - I'm one of those "pile it on the top" people!

Sarah said...

I've been spending the week gathering all my supplies into one room and it's been energizing!

crazyhaberdasher said...

How can one be creative and tidy at the same time?

ozjane said...

Now when I am tempted to once again take over the back room or the lounge room...I will think how lovely is that space, but will probably contained is my mess.

I am anal enough to still need to be able to have the areas that visitors come into pretending to be neat and tidy. In here we only pretend every so often.

Mind you I still cannot work out why I found a whole lot of machine feet I have never used, nor know how to use, Costing $40 each, and a bag of Marti Mitchel templates before I eventually found the third of the tartan large pencil cases that holds the shapes like hearts and ovals which was what I wanted. Took me a day to find it.
Ridiculous considering how often I do tidy up in here..

Oh that I could extend this room a metre in all directions...Yes even up because then the shelving could go higher...LOL
It looks good.