Sunday, April 26, 2009

week in review

It's been an odd week
I've had a migraine on and off for most of it, thanks to a TM joint that periodically goes out of whack.
Even though I sleep with a carefully crafted $600 piece of plastic in my mouth every night, once that joint seizes up, it's just a matter of beating it back into submission with a muscle relaxant and anti-inflams and waiting the migraine out.
During the periods of pharmaceutically induced pseudo-sensibility, there has been [minimal ] housework, couch potatoing and a lot of late night reading [ Jingo, Last Continent and Carpe Jugulum, all by Terry P, currently on The Fifth Elephant ]
I finished crocheting a top that I hadn't shown you at all:
BWM 4 ply cotton in Wild Iris
made up as I went along, with a vague thought of submitting it to Yarn, but then I realised I really didn't want to have to work out multiple sizes
3mm and 3.5mm
started about three weeks ago I think - and intended to be an inch or so longer until I ran into a massive unfixable yarn-barf and decided it was long enough.

I made a couple of origami kimonos from rice paper

and added some more stamped spirals to a handmade silk paper kimono from last year.

I quite liked how it looked originally but it was a bit dark. Obviously it looks better in the frame, but it doesn't photograph well behind the glass.
You'll just have to imagine it ... wide white matt board, plain black wooden box frame courtesy of Sam's Discount Store at Kangaroo Flat.

Then there was my 3 first skeins of handspun corriedale cross discovered lurking in the spare bedroom this morning...
and dull boring fawny-grey

in other words typical beginner yarn

a quick trip through Dorothy in a hot bath of Landscape Kelp and Tarragon and this looks like something I'll use

I'm thinking a bag of some sort
possibly felted

also I
gave in and joined Facebook
didn't go to dance class all week
or choir
or quilting
or Auntie Lucy's* funeral
made good soup
dyed my hair blue
stayed in my pj's all day today
so did David

*MIL's last remaining sister, who passed away last Saturday - not someone we had much to do with but devastating for MIL. Nadie and Stephen did their bit and looked after their Nonna for me


crazyhaberdasher said...

Ever tried a crocheting a bag and then felting? A pattern that is not too open - probably double crochet -I wonder what that would look like. Perhaps some sort of embellishment added after - something Japanesey?! .... new word!
Hope you're feeling better [[~HUGS~]]!

catsmum said...

yup maz I crocheted a clutch purse for Terry's birthday in treble... had to felt it twice but it turned out quite nicely.

lisette said...

wow - for someone who has been ill you've been very productive - the top is gorgeous.

off to find you on facebook



Lynne said...

Blue hair? You've joined the blue rinse set? LOL

Hope you're feeling better soon.

DD and I made our first silk paper last Monday - will blog about it later this week.

Blessings each day said...'ve been busy. I love to crochet and knit, but the felting kind of scares me so I haven't tried it (yet).

Just for the heck of it, you might want to try taking a ginger root tablet or caramilized ginger root at the next onset of a migraine. Some weeks ago and for the first (hopefully ONLY time)I was in severe scatic pain, did some research and read about ginger root and it really worked!

When do we get a picture of the blue hair?



Fyrewitch said...

Nothing like a bit of Terry Pratchett when you're feeling like crap. Your work is gorgeous - is the painting yours as well? I'm deeply jealous of people with artistic capabilities. Hope you're feeling better soon.

catsmum said...

the little landscape was a piece of serendipity really - had some paint left on the brush and just took a couple of swipes at a nearby piece of paper rather than waste it.
Later I was doodling with the coloured pencils and a landcape showed up

Bells said...

I love that top!! I went straight to look for the pattern but there isn't one. Poo.

Alwen said...

You were very quiet about the landscape - I.Love.It. It fits in so well with the colors of the origami kimono.

It's so good to know all these Pratchett fans.

Sheepish Annie said...

So sorry to hear that the head was aching. On the plus side, it appears that you used your down-time very well! I love the kimono! I also loved Jingo! I may need to go re-read that one now...

Sarah said...

For having a migrane you have certainly gotten a lot done!