Monday, April 13, 2009

random monday photos and a completely gratuitous dawg

bees working away on a beautiful red flowering gum in glowing autumn sunshine at the Kangaroo Flat Shopping Plaza.
It was a very young tree but already producing these huge heads of blossom less than a metre from the ground.
... and an even more vibrant red than my camera could capture

weathered boards outside a local quasi-medical establishment

and then there was this fabulous weathered and patinated door handle at one of the exhibitions I wrote about recently

and on another tangent entirely, with absolutely no attempt at a segue:
I realised yesterday, while showing several weeks worth of creations to Nadie, that I've been a bit remiss with the documentation of late.
I shall remedy that situation this week
I promise
there will be
mixed media
drawing and painting
visiting friends and relations
cute baby photos of Nadie-and-The Boy's brand new nephew, Billy Bob [ William Robert ]
but for now here's Bear

sitting on my work table which he has learned to climb, thereby rendering totally useless my ingrained habit of keeping all the electrical cords unplugged and [theoretically] out of his reach


crazyhaberdasher said...

Well if the cats are allowed up there..... so am I!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Either impersonating a cat or he thinks he is one!

catsmum said...

true Maz, but cats don't bite through the cords of $4000 sewing machines, or TVs ... or ...

Alwen said...

Oh naughty dog! And I did go ::blink blink:: "Is he on the table?!?" before I read the rest!

Sarah said...

Fabulous textures!

Groomer Angie said...

Beautiful blooms and cute dog, what more could you want? Other than a dog OFF the table.;)

Nadie said...

I happened to glance outside while we were up there for Easter and he was sitting on the outdoor dining table gazing off into the distance.

Jane said...

For a scruffy little mut, (Moggie said that not moi) Bear has an innate ability to look totally cute when ever and whereever.
Long may he live.
Moggie says what about a muzzle.??