Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Unscheduled quilt airing in Central Vic

Bear got excited and had an accident
just a wee one [ and you can take that anyway you like ]
so one of the [ traditional bed ] quilts got to enjoy a warm, relaxing afternoon in the carport ... out of direct sun of course ... after the excitement of a trip through the washing machine. It's like a water theme park for quilts.
Well to be entirely honest, it spent several relaxing afternoons because it wasn't dry enough to bring inside Monday night and then I forgot yesterday and it got damp again, so it stayed out there until this arvo.

specs for anyone interested:
quilt name: Cat's Claws [ there are cat / leopard labels printed on the back of the fabric yardage and I appliqued one of each design to the back of the quilt for posterity]
pattern: Buzzsaw - you make half square triangles, cut 'em all up, juggle 'em around, and sew 'em back together again. I worked it out for myself but have since seen it in several books and magazine articles.
fabric: the navy is 11 or 12 different prints of 'Sis' or 'Chwe-chwe' fabrics printed in England for the South African trade, and then exported again to Australia [ * cough, cough*carbon foot print ] It was made in 2000 and has Millenium fabric as part of the label on the back, as do each of the quilts I finished that year.
The quilting was ably done by Rhonda Coates of Windemere Quilting, Kilmore, Vic.


Nadie said...

In all those details you managed to leave out the credit for the machine quilting you took such a lovely close up of!

Lizzie said...

Love that quilt, the colours are fabulous, blues just look so good don't they.

Lizzie :o)

catsmum said...

the closeup was to show the fabrics but Nadie has a point ... longarm quilted by Rhonda Coates, Windemere Quilting, Kilmore

Sheepish Annie said...

Bear has good taste. I just wish he could come up with a better way of showing his appreciation for fine quilting...

Lynne said...

I can see why it's called "Buzz Saw".

A very nice piece of work. Thanks, Bear, for making it available to us!! LOL