Friday, June 20, 2008

woohoo ! freebie freebie freebie

If you toddle over to you will be able to sign yourself up for a free 6 month e-subscription to one of the following aussie mags:

australian paper craft
beads etc.
for keeps creative scrapbooking

or my personal favourite aussie quilt mag:



Marcie said...

Thanks Susan, that was timely, just started creating a scrapbook for DGS

ozjane said...

Miss Moggie message to Miss Sophie..
Hi Sis how are you coping in the cold?
I got in the linen press the other day...hid behind the pillow slips, took Mum a while to find me...good I just tug at the "thingy" hanging on the door to keep her on her toes now.
Now what I really wanted to ask was...have you got that Mum of yours eating Garlic Horse Radish and Vit C tabs, or is she allergic to them. My Mum takes 2 night and 2 in morning. She also sucks on a Vit C from the bench when she sees one.
She does sometimes go outside but she is not a farmer like your Mum...she says her farming days are over...that was where she grew up.
Meows and purrs.

Sara said...

You rock! Thanks - I just got my first issue of Beads...and am signed up for Down Under Quilts!

catsmum said...

Ms Sophie message to Ms Moggie:
yup mum takes those garlic and horshradish thingies - when she remembers - and echinacea/zinc too
but enough of that, let's talk about ME
I'm fine with the cold - warm mummy to snuggle with and all, even though she was shaking the bed a bit with all that hacking and coughing last night. Very inconsiderate I thought.
Anyway, that's not the issue. It's those flipping grandkitten invaders from the south: they're here for another week and a bit.
send reinforcements

meows and purrs back