Wednesday, June 04, 2008

blink and you'll miss it

I'm trying very hard not to obsess over all of the missed photo opportunities this week:

- there was the clogging social on Sunday. Five hours of multiple pairs of feet tapping away, ten to the dozen, and did I sit down for long enough to get the camera out? Well, quite obviously I didn't.

- Monday? line dancing in the morning, more clogging at daylesford in the pm - spectacular scenery on the way over
photos? NONE

- so then Tuesday dawned, bright and beautiful, and I jumped into the car at 9 to drop Dave off, followed by a brisk drive down to Melbourne for the next session of dental attention from Saint Anthony the Blessed - my dentist since 1975. The appointment at Blackburn was at 11am and it's a 2 hour drive, so did I have time to pull over and photograph the amazing cloud formation that was capping Mt Macedon? and was there even a safe place to pull over on the freeway anyway? no, probably not. you'll just have to take my word for it: azure blue cloudless skies and there sat Mt Macedon snuggled under a cloud quilt. Clear skies above, and as I drove into the cloud, and out the other side, it might as well have been an entirely different planet ... grey, dreary and once I got to Sunbury, pea soup fog which continued all the way into Melbourne. Fog may not be fun to drive in but it does make for great photos. Which I missed totally.

... and where was that same camera an hour or so later, when Nadie and I sat having lunch after our dental appointments, and watched through the window as three extremely agile young men practised jousting on unicycles in the adjacent lane? why it was back in the car, wasn't it?


but today I was determined that wasn't going to happen again

- 10.30 and about two thirds of the Peace Choir gathered at Windarring, climbed aboard the mini buses and set off to Juniton and the St Luke's state conference. Stopping only briefly at Barker's Creek to pick up Robyn, we wended our way north singing along to the recording of the Peace Concert from last month.
A cynic might have opined that it was because some amongst us had forgotten half the words, but that is just a scurrilous rumour and not to be believed at all.

Once there, and after certain members finished having conniptions over the umpty gazillion cars in the car park, we had a cuppa and about an hour to stretch both the voices and the bodies [ note to all would-be choir directors: white t-shirts are not flattering to those of ample girth ]anyhoo, having warmed up the rusty vocal chords [ reminding ourselves of those pesky lyrics in the process]
we were actually singing during the lunch break and I do have to say that it was ... ahem ... less than ideal.
We were in the foyer, across the bank of doors, and certain persons could not see why it might be just a tad impolite to barge through to the great outdoors for their much needed smoke [ note below - the open-but-about-to-slam-loudly door ] without perhaps waiting for the current song to end. Then there was the lass who decided to answer her mobile phone and start the conversation as she also progressed outside.
Still everyone else was most encouraging and THIS time I had the forethought to hand the camera to byestander Paddy for some documentary evidence.
Despite the acoustic tiles in the ceiling [ deadens the sound ] and the continually opening and closing doors, I think we came through just fine even if they weren't exactly hearing us under optimum conditions.

and the girls were waiting for me when Dave and I got home ...

"stop that you brat ... mu-u-u-m make her stop"
"but Ruby, this horn of yours tastes gooooooood"

so just this once, I had the camera in the right place at the right time!


Alwen said...

Goat horns, nom nom nom!

Tanya Brown said...

I thought of you the other day when my son and I encountered some goats. I'm not sure whether that says more about you or about me.

mehitabel said...

At least you did manage to get some goaty-girl snaps, and the choir pictures are priceless! I wish I had been there to hear you all!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'd say you caught some pretty impressive life moments there! But I'm kind of partial to goats and music so maybe this was just "my" sort of post...

Camera Girl said...

Awh that last one is the cutest!

HenryPatterson said...

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