Friday, June 06, 2008

Bundy's quilty giveaway

Bernadette [ The Quilting Bee ] and I first met at our friend Jappa's Fringe Retreat at Newstead long before I moved up here, and the association continued long distance when we were both working on Anjii Solomon's book and I needed a queen sized quilt commercial quilted in a hurry.
Despite the fact that Bundy - and no, we won't go into how she got that nickname - was already waist deep in her own contributions to the book, she managed a masterful effort on my behalf with just days to spare.
NOTE to self: do not contemplate starting a queen sized quilt just 3 weeks before a major publishing deadline!
which brings me to the purpose of this post:
Bundy's blog is about to reach that first major milestone of 100 posts and to celebrate the Centpostiale, she is giving away a quilty prize.
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and good luck - although of course I want to win it

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ozjane said...

It ia bad enough putting that glorious little face up to my you think you are going to win my prize.....will be generous and let you win second.

Must make an Angii's angle one day.

Should have seen Moggie's face as I tried to change the bed around her at 2AM last night. It had that...'I do not believe that woman' look about it.
We love our Jane thimble..