Friday, June 27, 2008

happy happy goats

When I first got Robbyn she was meant to be a loaner for a couple of months because the lawn mower was still needed in Melbourne while the house was on the market - it didn't ever get used but that's a whole 'nother story...
... then I was given the opportunity to buy / rescue Rosie, and so a goat shed became something of a necessity.
It was done fast and cheap with what was on hand or could be scrounged, and looked as though a strong puff of wind might bring the roof down but it did the trick.
Quite possibly Rosie and Robbyn might, on occasion, have wished for quarters that were a tad roomier ... and didn't leak ... and maybe had a little more protection from every icy blast ... but hey, they weren't complaining
and then Rowan and Ruby arrived.
They were tiny
they didn't take up a lot of room
but here's the thing

cute wee kids grow into bloody great goats

so for a while it's been a bit squeezy up there

but not any more

On Wednesday, Robyne and Paul [ he who gives my girls their periodic pedicures ] came over for the day and Casa Caprine has sprouted a whole new extension.

I didn't think to get any shots of the man at work [ bad blogger ... BAD ] but here's Rob [left] and Jeanette ["do you have to do that?" yes, Jeanette, I do ] who popped in to knit with us for a while and stayed for some lunch. There was knitting, crocheting, quilt talk, cat cuddling, many cuppas, all in a nice warm house while Mr Independant banged and crashed around and generally had a wonderful time.

"hello ... what's this?"
"when did this happen?"
"Thankyou Uncle Paul!"


Jejune said...

The goats look quite amazed at their new quarters! I think you ladies got the best end of the workday stick, though ;)

Robbyn said...

Oh gosh - what wonderful goat pictures! You do manage to capture their essence. They are so pretty and seem to be pleased with their new(ish) digs!

Jane said...

Those goats are so lovely and white (in a photo)
Am not sure that I am the up close and personal performer with goats.
Going to see if you want to stretch your brain.....
I am inviting you to participate in a meme @
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Sheepish Annie said...

I did not know that goats could smile like that...

But gosh it's cute to see!!! Congrats, goats!!! That is a fine looking abode. Enjoy!