Monday, June 09, 2008

400th post

It's always nice to know that one's friends are capable of going above and beyond in the interests of providing one with memorable blog fodder.

There I was, pondering the somewhat miserly possibilities for this, my 400th post*** and what do you know? An email from my friend Felicity in full written hyperventilation mode because she's won, not one, but two... count 'em... two ... major prizes in the inaugural Buda Contemporary Textiles Award.

Of course, I was full of good intentions of entering something and totally missed the date for submission - which I will blame on the week long migraine I had at the time - but it matters not one jot or tittle, because at least half of the prizes will be going to people that I know

Yay. I don't mind living vicariously through my friends !!

Felicity has won the first prize in the mixed media section as well as the overall grand prize.

So can I get a WOO and maybe a HOO ?

She raced up from Melbourne yesterday, to see the exhibit and of course a wee visit Chez Catsmum, which I totally forgot to immortalise with camera... so here's one I prepared earlier:

... but, in any case, she will be back next week for the award presentation, so there may be a photo op there.

in the mean time you can all go visit her blog and tell her how awesome she is

*** and actually it was a public holiday weekend, there were many visitors, good times, and interesting things done, but they can wait till tomorrow

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