Friday, June 20, 2008

the black hole in the rumpusroom

The code id da dose seems to be thinking about relocating... apparently somewhere in the region of my chest cavity holds great attraction. All those happy little mucous elves are packing their bags and heading south.
Some of their relatives have struck out on their own and set up housekeeping over at Casa David so it could be an 'interesting' weekend. David off-colour is not fun.

It's not all bad though.
I can't possibly be out working the acreage in bitter winter temperatures with a hacking cough - can I ?
No I didn't think so
and now that that I'm past the 'just-let-me-die' stage, I am finding the idea of yarny pursuits quite compelling.

With feelings of great virtue, I'm ignoring the woolly pheromones leaking out out the stash cupboard and the enticing pile of opalescent quilt possibilities piled on my cutting table and I've dragged the neverending baby shawl out of hibernation

When I packed it away I had finished the centre section - a gazillion rows of those granny square type shell clusters ... in splitty bloody Patons baby yarn ... on a 3mm hook

shouldn't take toooooooooo long to do 8 rows of border ... should it?

one hour's solid crochet gets me ... one lousy side
so four hours for one row

16 hours in and I'm up to row 4:
row 5 - doesn't look a whole lot different from row 4 does it ? this is where I'm up to at the moment

I think maybe I remember part of why it went into hibernation in the first place.

...maybe I should just start reading the Terry Pratchetts
'The Colour of Magic' arrived from England today, so one way or the other I'm set.

btw if you haven't discovered the delights of The Book Depository
go now
Reasonable prices, fast FREE worldwide delivery - England to Australia in around 7 - 10 days, except that this time it was only 5 !!
bibliophillic nirvana


lisette said...

evil woman!! i just accidentally ordered stitch magic and the painted quilt at such bargamonious prices. i was just looking, honestly, and before i knew what was happening i had registered and ordered..... oh fr some willpower!

Alwen said...

I'm closing my eyes -- my house is so stuffed full of books already. (Oh, look, Nation is due out in the fall!)

catsmum said...

Now you see my evil plan - if I corrupt my friends then my own habits don't look quite so extraordinary by comparison
mwah ha ha !!

and Lisette, you will LUUUUURVE Painted Quilt - I guarantee it

Sheepish Annie said...

Yay! The Color of Magic! It is so very, very, very awesome!!! Just the thing when you've got a code in da node and don't want to crochet borders anymore. Now I need to go check out that link...

Taueret said...

You need audiobooks, my dear,