Tuesday, April 03, 2007

well that wasn't so bad, was it?

Forgive me.

I forgot that Sunday was supposed to be Flash Your Stash Day. I grovel in the dust at your feet.

Okay moving speedily on with absolutely NO intention of showing you either the yarn or fabric stashes... Elspeth wants people to flash their WIPs. She's even making a contest of it.
So here they are:
the big white thingy is the often mentioned never-ending baby shawl which is still sitting at the first row of the lace edging
the little white thingy is a couple of rectangles of mohair garter stitch which will be a toy cat "cat toy"
the dark whatsit in the bottom right corner is all the pieces for the Brea bag which just needs sewing up and lining [ once I work out how I want to do that ] I even found a tan faux-suede hippie tie-on belt at the Op Shop which I disassembled, painted blue/purple to match the yarn and reassembled sans the original tie.
That's Nadie's lonely alpaca sock in the middle there, still pining for a mate. He's been hanging around so long, we named him. Soon Al ... soon... I promise
... and last but not least the ripplicious ack-crylic something-or-other that I started in a fit of stash busting frenzy on Sunday when I should've been putting quilt show casings on quilts or something.
speaking of which:
the Challenge quilt is:
quilted both hand and machine
casing on
and I'm in the process of reattaching the semi detached [ attached??] flowers. They do NOT have nice black satin stitch edges. The machine and I had a disagreement over the use of shiny rayon thread on tiny tight curves. The machine won. The flowers are fused and raw edged. They have lovely bumpy french knotted centres.
There WILL be photos.
and I'll leave you with a tantalising tease ... a glimpse of this rainbow of yarn p**n from yesterday.

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Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, a flashed stash is good on any day. Rules were meant to be bent, right?

I can't wait to see the quilt! I'll bet it is amazing...