Sunday, April 22, 2007

move along, move along

This is one of those posts that are probably best left to friends and family. The rest of you just move along until tomorrow [ or go back and read yesterday's post about whatever it was about ] because today we all converged on the Anglican Church [ Episcopalian for my American friends ] in Berwick to celebrate Riley's Christening.
The church was quite simple and modern but incorporated stained glass from an older version which didn't look at all out of place. The ceremony was short, unflowery and very, very different from what the italian part of the family were used to, although they seemed to approve [ and if they didn't? well...meh! ]
Anyway, the minister was at some pains to point out that we were welcoming Riley into the christian faith, not specifically the anglican one, and that he would get to make up his own mind in the fullness of time.

I was going to write that he can be a calathumpian as far as I'm concerned, and then realised that I don't actually know what a calathumpian IS. It's just something my father used to say. So I've looked it up and apparently it is " used in a non-judgmental way to describe one's religion or philosophy when it is original, personally assembled, and not institutionalised" which sounds okay to me.

My brother-in-law was a little confused when we recited the Apostles' Creed and it said " I believe in the holy catholic Church." I pointed the small 'c' out to him and explained the difference between "One holy, catholic and apostolic church" and Roman Catholicism.
Comparative religion has never been BIL's strong suite.
Anyway, our little man smiled and blew rasberries all through the proceedings and then between one smile and the next, went to sleep. No whinges, no grizzles, just out like a light. That kid is so laid back he's horizontal.
Nice party afterwards and then the 2 hr drive home.
and I'm wondering how long Stephen has been wearing glasses? I noticed them at Easter but forgot to ask. Am I the only one getting a hint of Elvis Costello in this particular photo?


Robbyn said...

I hope you don't mind that I came along anyway - even if I'm not family :) You speak so warmly and with such pleasure about Riley David, that I feel I know him.

Funny you should mention the term "catholic" with it's small "c" connotation. I remember hearing the term when I was younger, but it has just about disappeared in any sense but the big "C" religious reference (over here at least) - which is a darn shame.

Sheepish Annie said...

Even if this was more of the "family" type of post, it was worth hanging out just for the baby cuteness and Elvis sighting!

::sigh:: Maybe I need a baby. Or a new Costello CD...

lisette said...

what a little love! and i like the top you're wearing :)

Mia said...

awwww.. that little guy is sleeping good :)

Laume said...

Definitely VERY Costello.

And I had no idea I was a Calathumpian! That's so cool. I've never heard this before. Now I can hardly wait to find an excuse to tell someone I'm a Calathumpian.