Friday, April 06, 2007

by the dawn's early light

What the **** am I doing at the keyboard at 7am on one of the handful of days a year that I could conceivably have a sleep in?
I'm feeling tired, and frustrated is what!
Thanks to the bloody FMS I've been awake on and off since about 3am. Watched a Torchwood DVD through closed eyelids, hoping that would lull me back into Morpheus' arms, but not really successful though I did nod off there for a bit. So I put the light on at 5.30ish and started reading and finally gave up on any idea of getting back to sleep at 7. So here I am, still in my PJs , breakfasted, cup of chai at hand, and all ready to upload the final photos of Kannon's Carp - going with Robb and Ms Vicki Frou Frou's excellent naming suggestions - and proof of some wooly retail therapy [ all KFYS legal too ] yesterday in Bendigo, and what's happened?

Nothing is what!
I can't find the bloody lead for the camera :[

damn, damn, and double damn

It's going to be a long day

Chris and Maz are arriving mid morning followed by Nadie with her friends Cass, Natty and Ross at about dinnertime.

I should probably be cleaning ... but I think the ACK-rylic ripplicious something-or-other is going to get a row or two first.

Anyway this is probably a good opportunity to catch up on some photos that I haven't managed to fit in this week

Sylvia Reeves and I have a few of our pieces in The Coffee Bean as part of the State Festival that runs till Sunday.

I actually changed some over after the first day because the owner was a little concerned that none of them were for sale, so I dredged up a couple that I could be forced to part with if someone gave me the right price but they're a bit pedestrian.

So this is the one I took down and replaced with this

and put a price on this [ which then ended up halfway behind the drinks machine when it got moved ]

and these last three glorious things are Sylvia's: flowing organic curves overlade withfinely embroidered birds and bugs

she is something of a contradiction, our Sylvia... someone who works in Educational IT and generates most of her designs by computer but turns into a rabid Luddite when it comes to piecing, applique and embroidery with amazing - and frequently prizewinning- results.


Sheepish Annie said...

Ahh...what is pedestrian to you is gold to someone else! I couldn't do that. I couldn't even finsh the simple nine-patch I started last summer! (I kind of panicked when I realized that I had no earthly idea how to bind off a quilt and put it aside for a time when my brain stopped hurting)

Hope that the FMS improves soon. Can't be fun to be losing sleep over it. Hang in!

Caitlin said...

It must be the changing seasons or something - my FMS is being a right BITCH too. I was back to walking ok with just my usual limp when WHAMMO! Left hip went back on strike. Grrr. Combined with the pins and needles from my left shoulder all the way down to my toes, I'm back to slobbing around feeling sorry for myself.

NOW, sweetie, Pedestrian? I think NOT!!And if you put a high enough price on just about anything, the cheque usually overcomes any qualms about letting the piece go...IMHO!

Miss Frou Frou said...

Susam, sorry to hear about the late night... almost a repeat of my last post on my blog... awake from just over 1.00am for the rest of the night...the night before wasn't much better... so fear another FMS episode on its way.

I did sleep well last night.. deliberately stayed up to a normal hour though tempted to go to bed when I dragged my butt home from work. Had a warm bath and nodded off in the bath, which was scary and then straight to sleep through till 8.00am this morning... though feel very stiff and sore.

Home for 10 whole days now... with nothing more urgent then to catch up with some friends for meals and watch tv and read and do some crafty stuff...

Val said...

I love all those, but especially the one titled "Peace", as I love Asian-inspired things. I'll try to get a firsthand look when I get back to Castlemaine on Sunday.