Monday, April 09, 2007

Castlemaine overun by prehistoric life forms


For the past week and a half, Victory Park, in the somnolent Central Victorian town of Castlemaine, appears to have been overun by giant prehistoric plants and insectoid life forms. It is quite possible that this is not entirely independent of the creation of a Gondewanan Erth Garden at the Castlemaine State Festival, however this fact has yet to be verified with any degree of certainty.

Contrary to expectations however, the general populace has not run screaming through the streets and it is entirely possible that these alien creatures possess some degree of mind control, such has been their hypnotic effect. It has been postulated that this may have been linked to the plaintive and eerie, vaguely electronic sounds which appeared to accompany the appearance of both plant and insect life forms.

In fact this twice daily invasion seems to have been actively welcomed by all and sundry [ with the possible exception of the Erth Gardener who was abducted by a giant red-backed spider. She survived this traumatic event and was subsequently rescued due to the prompt action of her fellow gardeners and the arachnid was later devoured by this monstrous carnivorous plant ]


Tanya Brown said...

What fun! Much more entertaining and wholesome than the renaissance fairs we Americans have, where we run around kilts or velvet gowns pretending that we're not Americans. Give me a few gigantic insects any day of the week.

Nat said...

Hi mummy!

I had a wonderful time on the weekend. Was so glad I finally made it up there and even luckier the festival was on. We saw the bridges on the way home and the second bridge was definatly stunning. I loved it.

I'm just waiting for Nadie to give me the photos so I can do my own blog, complete with pics.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter xx

Elle Kasey said...

Oooh, very cool! I feel like I just went on vacation and toured some crazy creatures.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Yikes! Break out the weed eaters!
thanks for being in my contest, and the quilts...WOW. I don't quilt, ( I can't afford ANOTHER hobby) but I do have an appreciation for them.

Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEE! That spider is gonna give me nightmares for weeks, I tells ya! It looks like a great event, though, what fun!