Saturday, April 21, 2007

of black cats, saturday sky and precipitation

Nadie didn't really set out to collect black cat statues.

In fact nothing was probably further from her mind but she did rather like the pair that Marc bought me in Bairnesdale so I gave them to her when I moved ...

except that I dropped one on the way out to the car and it didn't survive the experience.

Because I felt a bit guilty everytime I saw that lone puddy, I was really happy to find a larger version of the same cat in an antique shop in Kyneton a month or so ago and even happier still when I discovered that it faced the same way as the one I'd murdered.

Then I rediscovered a different black cat figurine lurking in the shed so that went off to join the other two... and you know The Rule.

You DON'T know The Rule?

Okay. Well, it has long been a stated rule Chez Catsmum, and by extension, at Maison Nadie, that if you have three of something , it's officially a collection and you are therefore at liberty to add to it. In fact, you are pretty much obligated.

So of course THIS had to come home with me from the Op Shop...

...and Nadie?

If you don't like it, that's okay cos Sophie doesn't seem to mind it.

and just by the way it's the weekend and IT'S RAINING. Here's Saturday Sky and just to round out the post, a picture of the finger I tried to amputate a week ago. Doesn't look like much does it?...until you consider that it was the point of a rather broad carving knife that went straight in, and the visible length of the cut in no way corresponds to the depth. Today is the first sign that it has knit together and I am just SOOOO glad to be able to get rid of the bandage. Bloody thing kept catching on everything. There seems to be some nerve damage judging from the weird numb-and-tingly-at-the-same-time feeling but only time will tell with that.

It's actually been interesting in a way. Pretty much no one said anything and I was perhaps a wee bit ... no, not miffed ... not put out exactly ... more surprised. Yes, that's about the right word. Suprised, I guess, that no one commented. I mean, in the Blogosphere if you mention having a slight case of the sniffles you will normally be inundated with enquiries as to the on-going situation vis-a-vis your health, get well wishes, posts offering Aunt Ethel's cold cure and stories of everyone else's current health problems given just as a show of solidarity. Nadie said just a little while ago that I'd made such a passing reference to it that she figured it was just a scratch. NOW I understand the lack of reaction... and here is the conundrum. There's no one here to offer tea and sympathy and I want that sympathy as much as the next person being the needy little spot that I am [ except when I don't want it and of course I expect you all to have ESP and to know which reaction is appropriate, right?] BUT I don't want to worry the family. Except THEY are supposed to somehow divine that I want them to fuss.

Yeah I know ... perhaps I need to add that to the Weird Things list.


Helen said...

ouch, ouch! That looks sore! If 3 of something makes a collection, I am in trouble! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will look out for the Get Creative magazine next week to have a look.

lisette said...

if i give you extra sympathy can i get some back for the slipped disc in my NECK!!! grrrr i feel like trading myself in..

i am glad it's healing - i still feel guilty that i didn't take you to the hospital...

catsmum said...

is this a NEW slipped disc or one I should already know about ? and btw re hospital...we would've had to take David with us and he freaks in hospitals. THAT is why we didn't.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yikes! I guess I didn't realize that it was that close to an actual amputation. And nerve damage??????? You get all the sympathy I can give and then some. That looks like a knittin' finger, for heaven's sake!!!!!!

Will be thinking good thoughts for a continued recovery and some of those online, virtual ::huggs:: to make up for not getting the seriousness of your injury.

Feel better!