Friday, April 06, 2007

found it!

We won't begin to go into why the lead for the camera was in my handbag, will we? The subject of my fibro-fogged memory will not be alluded to in any way, shape or form. Right?

Though, I must say, it is amazing how many of my friends are also in the FMS club ... Caitlin, Ms Vicki Frou Frou, Anjiibabe, Aunty Glen, Jappa ... wonderful, intelligent, creative, articulate women one and all ... I wonder whether the predisposition towards FMS is one of the prices of that creativity?? Uggghhh , what a horrid thought.
Moving on
Yesterday was set up for the Strathdale Quilter's Easter weekend Quilt Show [ St Andrew's Anglican Church Bendigo ] so after I drove my achey caboose roughly 50 km to drop off my quilts and to help as needed, there were so many people getting under each other's feet that I was told basically that I may as well go back home.
The pain in the proverbial chimed in around then and made it known that I had damn well better not just waste the trip ... so off course I headed for Bendigo Woollen Mills and the magic room out the back.
I would remind you at this point, gentle reader, that one of my personal rules for KFYS is that 'on sale in the back room at Bendigo doesn't count'
some of this haul was doubly legal under the 'spinning and/or dyeing supplies don't count" rule.
So what we have here are several wee baggies with an assortment of 5-ply crepe in red, burgundy, navy, pale blue and fawn [ which I'll overdye ] and of course I needed to buy all of them to make sure I had enough of each to actually DO something with them. Right? Total: 18 balls for $18

602 grams in total of beautiful jade also in the 5-ply for $21 [ that 2 grams is bound to be important ]

a bag of mixed 12 ply [ worsted ? ] again with the navy, purple, mid blue, red and some useful cream. Total $10

and then these are roughly 200 gram balls Three are 8-ply [DK] cotton marked down because of yellow marks which I frankly can't see and intend to dye over anyhoo and one is the 5-ply in pure wool. Average damage here about $4 each.
The weird thing is that Bendigo locals don't shop there. Most don't know where it is and yet my knitty friends from Melbourne and interstate tend to make semi annual pilgrimage when they visit me. Go figure!
Now THIS stuff is where I fell off the KFYS wagon. This stuff is totally illegal... or it should be :] My enabler, I mean Jeanette, and I went out to visit a whole bunch of Festival offerings last Monday including the Fibre-and-Clay exhibition that our friend Marcie has some stuff in. We both got ambushed by some of the fibrey goodies that were cohabiting with Marcie's quilts and when I saw this, I could see it in something quilty rather than knitty. Hey, does that mean it doesn't count as knit stash?


Miss Frou Frou said...

ooh.. I can see I'm going to have to start doing some knitting soon... everytime you post some knitty thing I go over all funny...have a half finished scarf from last year that I should drag out and finish...

Sooziii said...

Of course it doesn't count toward your knitting stash!! You had quilty thoughts when you looked at it ..... goodness me girl you should know by now if you think it - it fall into the appropriate category.

g-girl said...

hi there! just wanted to say thanks for the link to your pattern of the traveling vines fingerless read my mind! I wondered how the scarf would look in a mitt form. :)

mehitabel said...

Add me to your FMS list--although I am not in the same rank with you creatively! I will look forward to pics from the quilt show, though, and I do love seeing all your swag from Bendigo. I think I will need to make a stash-enhancing run down there--well, more like a flight, but you know what I mean!