Saturday, April 14, 2007

FOs and late breaking news

Wool smells wonderful. Acrylic, if it has a smell at all, smells of oils and plasticisers and god knows what else. Wool feels wonderful as it glides over the fingers and needles [ so long as it's not mohair but let's not get into that ], acrylic mostly feels a bit ... less nice... acrylic invariably goes all splitty, and then there's the whole hacking-and-coughing-as-I ingest-little acrylic-fibres-and-startle-the-cats thing.
SO can someone please explain to me why my frugal side feels compelled to use at least some of that huge tub of ACKrylic that lives in the same cupboard as all the nice wooly stuff?
Way down at the bottom of the cupboard
under a shelf
but I know it's there.
Granted that I've given some of it to David's Day Placement for the craft program, but why can't I just let it lie there and age? Why spend my limited and precious time on this ... oh words fail me...
I'll tell you why:
Because it will lie there and taunt me with it's plasticness, and remind me that I spent perfectly good money on it....that's why!

Anywayin the continuing spirit of Knit From Your Stash 07, I give you:
the ACKrylic Ripplicious lap rug [ I guess americans would call it an afghan ] made from assorted stash 8ply [ sport ] on a 4mm hook. Stash used: 8 x 100 gram balls

and a cardi / hat combo , probably destined for charity donation.

The baby gear is also in ack-rylic
basic 8 ply [ sport] 1 x 100 gram ball
4mm needles straights and dpns
pattern: seamless yoked baby sweater by Carol Breseny . This is one of my favourite 'free on the net' top-down baby raglans. I can't link to it at the moment because the site is doing some housekeeping. Maybe later. Anyway the little hat is just one I made up last night on the fly to go with the cardi. I can always post the pattern if anyone wants it.

Thursday night Barbmac stayed over on her way up to Bendigo for the Scquilters Retreat. Much talking, many cups of tea, and some work on our respective WIPs.
Bonding with the livestock here and next door was also a major theme.
We had lunch at The Coffee Bean yesterday so that Barb could see Sylvia Reeves' and my quilts and we also tripped across to the Library so that she could rave over the wonderful F.O.C.A.L. quilt. After that I pointed her in the direction of Bendigo
and today David and I are heading into town in a couple of hours to meet up with Felicity who's staying for the weekend. She's bringing up her silk paper making stuff. I have the shiborii supplies. The new issue of Quilting Arts is sitting on the table.

We'll have our own little mini retreat.

In late breaking news, I have just this minute received an email from the generous Julie to say that I've won this in her Spring Cleaning contest. YAY

to quote her:

The final prize offering is a copy of the Yarn Harlot's "At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much," and a skein of Greenwood Fiberworks
cotton/lycra sock yarn in the Sunset colorway, PLUS a pattern for socks using this yarn.
WOO! and may I add HOO! or as Nadie would have it WOOT!


Sheepish Annie said...

Only you could turn the ACK-rylic into such pretty FOs! Nicely done.

And congrats on such a fun prize! It ranks a "Woo," a "Hoo," and a "Woot!"

amanda j said...

Oh, I have a little guilt stash of acrylic too. Nice blanket!

Well done on winning some goodies. That happened to me this week too!

The One and Only Nadie said...

for a start i rarely if ever say woot. I say woo and hoo.


The girls were very appreciative of the bit ack-rylic you left behind. Last I checked it was spread across a good portion of the dining room and firmly entanged with the boys scuffs that they have a disturbing fondness for.

catsmum said...

well I guess that's a valid use for it. Do they want some more ?