Sunday, April 15, 2007

things I learnt this weekend

Do you remember those essays you had to write at the start of the school year. "What I did this summer."

because this is going to be a bit like that.

This is "What I learned this weekend"

  • It is very easy to tell when one's goaty girls are in season. Particularly if there's a studly younger man recently moved in next door.

There is much bawling of goaty love songs and wagging of the tail and refusal to move more than five feet away from the point in closest proximity to the object of lustful caprine affections.

We went through all this 6 weeks ago and 3 weeks ago and ... yup... doesn't take a genius to figure out that we were in for another noisy weekend.

So basically after another 2 days of this performance and calling her a tart at regular intervals, I caved. I figured nothing could be more annoying than the racket she was making. This may have been a major error of judgement on my part.

There was a brief flurry of matchmaking activity and then Brenda from next door led the boy across to my place. Contrary to a previous suggestion, I did NOT make a wedding quilt for Rosie's deflowering. This was strictly a one night stand.

I now know why they didn't suggest Rosie having a vacation Chez Pete.

Billys with a nubile nanny in the vicinity are particularly smelly

and possessing of enormous stamina

and a vocal range that would do a ullulating bedouin proud

and the goat paddock is directly behind my house.

So Felicity, David and I are now in possession of altogether too intimate a knowledge of things of a goatly reproductive nature.

Have you ever heard the Goon Show? Think of Mr Crun in pursuit of Min.

Other things I learned this weekend:

  • I learned that goats can feel the pangs of jealousy. Ms. Evelyn, a mature goatly lady - and my Robbyn's mama - who lives next door, didn't want to have anything to do with the studly Blackadder until Ms Rosie got him. Once she saw him sashaying over to my place, that all changed. She suddenly realised what a hunk he is. We woke up this morning to find we had an extra doe. Not too bad for an elderly lady. She'd jumped three fences to get to him! Here she is looking a bit Sheepish [!!] at being caught.

  • Felicity could operate a goat telephone sex line ... her impression of Blackadder in the throes of passion is uncanny.
  • That Chris is WRONG in his claim that you never cut yourself with a properly sharpened knife. Big sharp carving knife means big hole in finger that probably [ nay definitely ] should've been stitched... but I managed not to bleed in the risotto. One point for style. Minus several thousand for clumsiness.

  • see #2 above... Felicity is very good in any situation involving blood and bandaids.
  • Felicity made a new friend

  • despite the injured digit, I also discovered today that:
  • making silk paper is great fun [ Felicity's is the green and mine therefore is the bluey purple ]

Felicity already knew that, but SHE discovered that shibori is ALSO great fun and so is sunprinting.

It was also pretty spiffy to discover that Felicity shares my opinion of Purl's Palace at Daylesford.

Damage to the plastic? One bag of vintage kimono silks each

one small baggy each of silk tops for more paper making

a pair of Brittanys for felicity


The Twisted Sister's Sock Book for moi.


The One and Only Nadie said...

well I really don't know what to say to all of that. You prepared for the consequences if Rosie gets knocked up? I feel sorry for poor Robyn having to share her paddock with those two.

catsmum said...

Robbyn spent the night in the goat shed

Sheepish Annie said...

Your goats have more of a social life than I...::sigh:: But at least I have some entertaining blogs to read. :)

The silk paper is just lovely! Nice rich color!

Hope the finger heals quickly. And, nice job not bleeding into dinner!

Robbyn said...

I am tickled to death to share a name with one of your nannies. However, I didn't have nearly as exciting a weekend :)

The shibori and the sunprints look like great fun and are very beautiful.

And, just asking, is there anything you don't do, craftwise?

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, my! You made me laugh so hard that I surely worked off a brownie or two's worth of calories.

Well. It sounds as though there may be some little goats in your future? I wonder what sorts of things one knits for baby goats ...

Val said...

Interesting posts about the goats, didn't realise they were so vocal or adventurous!

Love looking at your crafts.

Rose Red said...

RED LACE UP IRISH DANCING STYLE SHOES!!! Where can I get them??? (can you tell I'm excited!!)

Nicole and Phil said...

the silk paper is lovely. I am chosing not to comment on the antics of your goats! LOL
I hope this is a great sock book, I am working on my first ever pair (very slow process!)