Tuesday, August 26, 2008

why cats are better than dogs part 367

Woke up this morning rather earlier than I wanted to because the bedroom as cold enough that I could feel it in my sleep and it didn't take long even in my fuddled sleep-deprived state to realise that it was because all the power was out.
Fully awake now and in desperate need of caffeine, I trudged out to the fuse box to see if it was just us or the whole neighborhood [ which is what happened yesterday afternoon ] and yes, it was just us. Flipped the fuse, fed the goats while I was out there, and went back inside to see if I could work out what had tripped the circuit breaker.
After switching off all the likely suspects, off it went again
... and again
... and again
... at which point I noticed that the cord to the telly in my bedroom - plugged in but not on - had a slightly familiar chewed aspect.
The Bearminator strikes again!

and guess what else I found out today ?

THIS is what happens when you try to clean a beige carpet after a certain someone has discovered and disembowelled a blue biro.


gm said...

nice blog

Rose Red said...

oh dear! Bear will really be in the doghouse tonight.

Nadie said...

Bear! Take a look around! You are in the already precarious situation of living in an established cat family. You have an uphill battle without sabotaging your chances.

Repent, and concentrate your efforts on being cute and fluffy

Donna Lee said...

Ooooh that is bad. I hope the ink came out of the carpet....I don't miss having a dog. Not even when they're cute and fluffy. They are so much more needy than cats.

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, no. Oh, no!

This is why babies of all species have certain soft, rounded features, I guess - so it'll be hardwired into us that we mustn't kill them or, worse yet, smear them with the blue pens they've destroyed.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yikes!!! For what it's worth, the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has thus far changed the settings on my laptop, taken the phone off the hook, made off with my ipod earbuds and turned off the power strip which electrifies the television and charges various things that make my life better.

But, Bear wins. It's not even a contest. At least it's never boring over there... ;)

Elle Emm said...

Remember, he's cute... Not sure if I'd have the patience with a puppy though LOL.

ozjane said...

Bear I think someone should make you aware, Most Bears.......live in cages.
Think little bear..
Think where where where
Do you want to be

Alwen said...

Don't look at me, I've just combed a chihuahua's worth of hair out of my Golden Dog!

Lynne said...

Hmm! Did you say he followed you home?

You could use the paper towel to make a paper quilt - it's quite pretty! [though what you'd use it for I can't imagine!!]