Saturday, August 23, 2008

they lied

the weather bureau forecast an overnight low of minus 2

it was minus 2.9

the fire was out this morning

the goat's water trough was partially frozen

but the sun is out and it's just beautiful out there


Nadie said...


btw I'm not allergic to my splint, just sick. Bad timing that I woke up with a sore throat the first morning. I think it's making me mouth breath which doesn't help.

Please tell me the chemically plastic taste goes away

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

Beautiful but still cooooooooold! Our temperature in Sydney yesterday was almost as cold as Bendigo for the Show! Brrrrrrrr!

PS Previous comment deleted to correct spelling!!

Donna Lee said...

Are those ferns? They look lovely all frosted. I must say, I am not looking forward to the coming of fall and winter. Maybe it's because I'm getting old and have old bones with arthritis. It's much better in the heat than in the cold.

catsmum said...

hi Donna Lee
it's a herb of some sort but I forget which ...that photo is in REALLY close. They are very tiny and delicate

Alwen said...

Heavy frost makes everything beautiful. Even poison ivy.

Elle Emm said...

Is that it? -2.9C? And it's winer? Heck it's summer here and our low was 7C. I wrote a letter of complaint to Mr. Sun (check my blog) and guess what, it worked! Today was much nicer and tomorrow is going to be disgustingly hot. It's going to be 27C!!! Urghhh