Wednesday, August 06, 2008

late night visitor

It turns out that a guard dog does not need to be incredibly large and muscular.
Small and chicken also works

allow me to 'splain:

My eldest has to come up this way occasionally in connection with his job and needed to be in Castlemaine very early, so rather than get up before 5 as he would have needed to do, he rang to ask if it would be okay for him to arrive on my doorstep around 11.30 - midnightish and to stay the night.

no problemo

after the last flying visit we had serious concerns about asthma/allergic reactions so I vacuumed the house top to bottom ... twice ... and he was prepared to swallow some antihistamines the minute he got in the door.

David needed to go to bed - he's a little under the weather and I've kept him home today - and I settled in for some tv and knitting. As the evening progressed I found myself sharing the couch with a small dog and one... then two ... and finally... all three cats. Yup even MissC joined us, albeit somewhat tentatively at first. Of course I couldn't move to get the camera so you'll just have to take my word for the fact that peace reigned supreme for probably close to an hour

and then as the car lights turned into the driveway and pulled up in the carport a small fur based missile erupted off the couch amidst a flurry of barks of such volume that Sheepie probably heard the ruckus all the way over there in Maine.

His Beariness then took refuge under a table and continued to make loud comments on everything from Stephen's clothing choices and aftershave to the size of his shoes and his antecedents until tempted out with a peace offering of cheese which he deigned to accept after making sure that it wouldn't undermine his self-appointed position as house guardian.

btw it was minus 0.5 last night and the smaller bird bath still had ice on it at 11am but look at the lovely day it turned into:


Anonymous said...

Awwww how sweet!!
I do believe I heard the ruckus all the way up here. Glad that Bear is taking his guard dog role terribubbly seriously ;-p

Tara said...

'fur based missile' - How true! I can just see him propelling himself off the couch at high speed too!

sososu said...

Hi Susan, great to read your blogs and see you are enjoying your life in the country - with your numerous four legged friends and family. Great way to see what your creative talent is aimed at now.
Sue Farr

Robbyn said...

Oh man, that is just too cute :) I grew up with a terrier and I swear there aren't any funnier or stroppier dogs in the world. Oh, and nothing's bigger than them either - at least they don't think so :)

Sheepish Annie said...

You know...if I've done the math right then that may have been going on right about the time that the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty woke suddenly from his nap and knocked over a chair trying to get to the window.

That's not at all creepy...

Elle Emm said...

Wow, a minus there huh? I didn't think it could get that cold. How do you keep the house warm? Do you have baseboard heaters? I ask because where my DH lived while in South Africa, they didn't have any type of heating other than the electric things you plug into a wall. heheheh (amateurs when it comes to cold weather).

catsmum said...

well LM we don't get much lower than minus 4 so nothing like what you get in The 'Peg but still we can get a week or two or three where the overnight low will hover just below zero... and no this house is NOT warm. Far from it. There is one wood heater at one end of a very long narrow house. That's it.
So I use those plug into the wall things in the bedrooms as well.
Of course whenever I came through the house before I bought it was in the day and they must've had the heater well stoked up for hours before hand... sneaky little beggars.
Ahh well I'll know for the next house if there is one!!!!!

ozjane said...

I now understand cold house. I never feel the cold but we had 10 days with no heater...just as I came out of hospital and did I have a cat attached to me as if by an umbilical cord or what.??

I am glad that bear is going to be such a growly bear when needed.
I really am going to have to come and visit before he grows out of puppydom. Am still attached to times for carers to come for a while.

Alwen said...

I have two dog alarms:

Truffles is medium-sized and chicken. Pretty much anything sets her off, so I know if anyone is coming.

Ajax is LARGE (about 48 kg) and fears nothing. He lets me know if he thinks anything's amiss.

Between the two dog alarms, I can tell if someone's here, if Ajax knows them, and if he thinks they are up to something. :)