Tuesday, August 05, 2008

and how about you my friend ... would you like to win a quilt?

Spent part of today sitting at the local IGA Supermarket complex with another member of our quilt group as we pounced on locals in an attempt to get them to buy tickets for our quilt show raffle quilt.

It is really bizarre the responses that some people give to the question " would you like to win this lovely queen sized quilt?"
very few will just look you in the eye and say " No ... thankyou"
A lot of folks got that slightly haunted look and blurted out the first thing that came to mind ... which didn't always make a lot of sense ... as they tried to edge away.

[thinks] If I don't make eye contact maybe she'll leave me alone!!!! Oh bugger, don't look! Don't look!

No one actually told us to leave them alone but it was clear that they were trying to work out just how fast one could dive through the exit door before it could be described as ' with indecent haste'
No one said they didn't like the quilt, in fact most were very complimentary, but several said that they'd have no use for it. Really? They don't sleep ? They don't have any rellies who could use another piece of bedding ?

At least [ this time ] no one said that they could do with a new dog bed !!!!!

Anyway, I actually had quite a pleasant time working on my reverse applique block and chatting to various people who DID want to buy tickets

and I'll attempt to get a decent pic of the quilt tomorrow ... umm ... y'know... just in case some of you would like tickets

and still speaking of quilts:

I found this absolutely fabulous tutorial for making slightly wonky butterfly blocks over on The Patchery Menagerie. Haven't had a go yet but the tute looks very well thought out.


Nadie said...

The coding on your 'quilting bloggers' banner was broken so I logged in and fixed it for you

catsmum said...

thank you sweetie :]

Carol said...

Tis the worst job in the world selling raffle tickets. I don't envy you. I'm sure the quilt is glorious too.