Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't have a heart attack

Yesterday started out as " I'm stuck home and not at quilting because Dave has a day off and isn't in a mood to go out" but as it turned out, that was meant to be.
Late morning I had a phone call from #1 son - who has been here precisely three times in three and a half years - to say he was working in Castlemaine and what time would I be picking up David? When he found out that we were at home for the day, he came and had lunch with us.
It wasn't a very LONG visit because we discovered the hard way that his system seems to have become sensitised to cats - horrors - wheezing, spluttering and a nasty rash meant antihistamines and a race for the great outdoors. I'm not sure that was any better - goat hair!!!!!
anyway here's both my boys
Stephen is one week into growing a beard and not at all sure if he's going to keep it but I like it so far... granted he looks a bit grim here but I think it's mainly due to the whole not-being-able-to-breathe thing.

and still speaking of my eldest:

This went home with him for Master Riley.

It's a really simple 'I-spy' quilt - lots of things to talk about - made a few years ago and always intended for the first grandie. It's sturdy, bright and hopefully my DDIL won't be afraid to use this one.
Apparently she has said that she feels like the wedding quilt isn't really theirs... that they are merely it's custodians ... and while it's lovely that they appreciate it ... well ... bed quilts are meant to be used.


Robbyn said...

Yeah :) If you ever do find a way to get people to actually use what you've made for them (as opposed to keeping it well wrapped in a closet somewhere so "nothing happens to it") - please let me know.

Would it help, do you think, to drag the item through a mud puddle before delivering it? You know, so the recipient could see that it wasn't fragile or sensitive?

Tanya Brown said...

Handsome family you have there, and I predict that much fun will be had with the quilt.

I've had sort of the opposite experience. I went "home" once and found a quilt I'd made in the muddy yard, tossed out so the dogs could use it as they wished. Evidently my family doesn't share the same qualms that yours does.

Sheepish Annie said...

I think that anyone who isn't a "maker of things" tends to revere the items that are crafted for them. They couldn't replace it if they hurt it, after all. I'm finally in a place where I can get Mommy Sheep to actually use the dishcloths I've knit for her...

Excellent picture of the boys!

Alwen said...

Very handsome boys, and yes, very handsome quilts, too! I love the wedding quilt, mmm.