Monday, May 19, 2008


it's not quite 6am and I'm up already
I was actually really really asleep
deeply asleep
dreaming even

epileptic cat
under the covers
wet bed

so I'm well and truly up
Trying to dig a claw out of your leg at 5 am when it's attached to a convulsing cat tends to wake one up in a hurry as does the dash for dry towels

Given that the washing machine is next to David's room, I'm waiting till he's up to do the laundry.

Cup of chai
Sophie probably could do with some quality lap time round about now

proper post later


Tanya Brown said...

Ye Gods! Okay, an epileptic cat who pees the bed lets you win the insomnia competition hands down. Not that either of us wanted there to be such a competition, much less to win it. Sigh.

catsmum said...

yeah she WOULD choose the one night this week that I was tired enough [ and sleeping pilled enough ] to actually sleep !!

Sheepish Annie said...

Yikes! That would bring one out of a dead sleep for sure! I woke up the other night from the slightest brush of a whisker on my hand. (the cat was not amused by my reaction...) I think a claw to the leg with a pee chaser might just keep me up for a week!

Alice said...

Ever thought of swapping pyjamas for a wetsuit, or some other cat-claw-impenetrable outfit? I hope this wound heals faster than your bitten wrist.

There's never a dull moment with the menagerie you keep, is there, Susan?

Good excuse for more rest and MORE MUSIC, methinks.

Lindi said...

Hope you used lots of disinfectant on the wound if that claw punctured the skin. I sound like an over fussy mum, but I'm speaking personally from a rather horrible experience from same!

catsmum said...

to be honest Lindi, at 5 am the last thing I thought about was disinfectant. I was more worried about not getting pee on the quilt[s]
Seems fine though - but point taken.

Jane said...

Oh dear........reminds me of the first few days of 4wk old baby Moggies residence. She was at the Vets, rescued by council workers after the Mother was killed, hence the young age. She quickly scooted down to the foot of the bed, inside the sheets of course, to sleep and I think I can still feel that Yuck of reaching out my feet on waiting and finding something wet, and on investigation, brown. Oh baby baby. I hope she recognised the love. It took about 5 nights then she was perfect...almost. She is still the one cat that I cannot train to use the scratching post. It has an occasional mark on it...I even recovered it.....but little brat prefers the furniture.
Have to have one fault.

Nadie said...

I'll see you a spiked leg and wee and raise you $2500 in car repairs.

That said hope you and my girl are both recovering well, and no I'm not asking for money.

Still waiting on puppy names and updated photos, and people keep asking me if you're going to keep one.

catsmum said...

much as I'm tempted to keep one of the puppies
a] I haven't been offered one
b] given that no one is sure what fathered them, I'm not willing to risk a potentially large and/or aggressive dog around the goats,

for which the cats have thanked me profusely

and PND and Brenda haven't named them as they're not planning on keeping them

and I'll see your car repairs with an equivalent in dental work