Wednesday, May 28, 2008

still no knitting content part 2

still playing catch up ... we're up to last Sunday now.
Don't all start cheering at once.

David and I hopped in the car at about midday after a semi-leisurely start [ goats don't know about weekend sleep-ins apparently ] and headed down towards Melbourne with a stop at MacDonald's Calder Park on the way. I totally ignored all the healthy choices on the menu - like my usual turkey and cranberry deli roll - and went instead for a serving of fat-and-carbs with orange juice on the side. That counts as fruit, right?

Spent an hour or so with Nadie before leaving David and The Girl to an afternoon of DVDs while I headed back to Corrie and Ian's for the trip BACK into Melbourne and a 5pm performance of a new opera - Through the Looking Glass - which was just as odd and incomprehensible as the Lewis Carroll book it wSas based on.
David Hobson and Suzanne Johnston - who was three years behind me at school - et al were all in fine voice and it suited their quirky personalities. Alice was sung by both an adult soprano and a trio of little girls who held their own against the adults incredibly well ... but there was a slightly uncomfortable undertone at least for me.

I've not felt quite the same about Alice since reading that the very Reverend Charles Dodgson, aka Lewis Carroll, was besotted with taking photographs of half naked children and although I've never read that he behaved in a way that would land him on a child sex offenders list today, I do most certainly have a problem with any man who rhapsodises about the "exquisite beauty" of semi dressed kids and I have trouble reconciling his two personas... bleurckk!!!!

Notwithstanding all that, I had an interesting time and later a nice [vegan] dinner with Corrie and Ian before heading back to collect Dave, and then back AGAIN in the direction of Melbourne and then points north.
A good run, and after 2 hours on the road, we finally got home around 11pm and I think David was probably asleep within 5 minutes.

Repeating the teaser photo from yesterday:
that's the program from Sunday on the left with a photo of the 'real' Alice, a flyer for August's Elixir of Love which as you can see will also feature the lovely Mr Hobson AND a flyer for July's Coronation of Poppea which I wasn't going to see until Corrie's friend Kay handed me her unable-to-be-used ticket. That's Tiffany Speight on the Poppea flyer. She lives reasonably locally and although I've never met her, I do know her mum ... who also knows Corrie's friend Kay that gave me the ticket ... who knows Jan, who knows Alice, frequent commenter on this blog. Alice and I will finally get to meet when she drives down to Ballarat next month for a concert where I will be sitting 3 rows in front and five to the side of her. Talk about six degrees of separation.

and btw don't feel sorry for Kay - she's missing a couple of operas here only because she's spending July and August in Italy and then seeing the Ring Cycle in Bayreuth, Germany.

I'm going to gloss over Monday and Tuesday - dancing, more dancing, no quilt class and no dancing cos I felt like S**T - but I'm fine now - which means I'll only be one day behind for tomorrow's post.


Alice said...

What a masterpiece of precision in that comment - three rows in front and 5 seats to the side. I'll know exactly where you are ... make sure you

Jane said...

Moggie says to ask Sophie to say a big thank you to her Mummy for making Moggies Mummy so happy today.
She went to the post box and came in and made those funny noises she makes when she is happy.
Of course!!!! she took photos!!!and of course they went in her blog. When is this madness in May finishing. Thank you Aunty Susan for Mummy's present. How did you know she collected chooks?
She cannot stand the real thing because HER Mummy dragged her through the poultry pavilion at the Royal Melbourne Show each year.
But she like embroidery designs for the machine and chook fabric.
She is a bit of an odd woman that Mother of mine.

Alwen said...

I'm pretty sure the McDonaldses here don't have a turkey and cranberry anything, not even on Thanksgiving. Which is all right, they'd probably wreck it in my mind for all time.

Robbyn said...

I share your feelings about Carroll. I have always enjoyed his work (including the loopy book on logic) but about him personally...well...

I sometimes think it's not a good idea to know much about an artist's personal life.