Tuesday, May 27, 2008

and still no knitting content - part one

One of the major ironies of life in the Great Blogiverse is this:
that the number of blog-worthy things that happen in one's life are in inverse proportion to the amount of time one has to blog about them

which both sucks and blows big time

yes folks, it's been one of THOSE weeks - you know the ones - where I compose scintillating posts under the shower because that's the only time I have to think stray thoughts and then can't quite recapture the coruscating turn of phrase once I'm dried, dressed and seated before this dread machine.

so basically you're getting "a little bit of what I did this weekend"

when I left you on Friday I was actually onto day 2 of a migraine - rather a minor one as such things go but still... something that feels like an ice pick through the temple is never pleasant.
Saturday dawned and with it and day 3 of the aforementioned which required that I hit the meds with a vengeance because friends Kath and John were coming for a visit from Sailor's Falls [ slightly beyond Daylesford ]
They were bringing bread from Himalaya Bakery, I had promised soup.
Soup is good.
Soup is easy.
It was sort of tomatoey, garliccy, lentilish and heavy on the cauliflower.

I can't quite remember the precise order of the afternoon but the Imagran worked, lunch was consumed, the bee-oo-t-i-ful book that bookbinder John had made and covered with the results of one of my silk paper classes was duly drooled over all goats in the vicinity were petted and admired , puppies were cuddled, horses patted, Kath got her crochet lesson,

and given that you have already seen John's book and in the interest of equal opportunities for admiration, you may now have a closer look at Kath's [knitted] shibori scarf.Kath and I both scored show quality chryssies from Brenda next door. It should surprise no one that most of mine were pink. Never EVER wear it, rarely decorate with it, but LOVE it in flowers. the dogs alas had to spend the afternoon inCARcerated and I'll leave you with a teaser from Sunday because I've just realised it's after 11pm and I should be thinking about bed.


Alwen said...

Wretched migraines, I hates them! I lost a good chunk of yesterday to one, and the weather was all nice and everything.

It's chilly today, so I may need to redeem myself and make some bread.

Sheepish Annie said...

You do more with a migraine than I do when I am feeling fit as a fiddle!

Alice said...

Sorry about the migraine, but glad it wasn't TOO bad. Beautiful book and other crafty things.

Gorgeous last photo...... especially the middle bit...LOL.

Rose Red said...

Love that picture of the dogs incarcerated - that's hilarious!!

Oh, and you've got your Christmas counter up! Gah!! only 210 knitting days to go!!

Marcie said...


catsmum said...

No Marcie
I haven't gone into horse breeding :]
John and Kath are goat owning persons who also love dogs - well you probably figured that from the car full - so of course we HAD to wander next door to visit the other goats and the new puppies. The miniature horses are kind of incidental.

Camera Girl said...

That scarf is beautiful!

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