Sunday, May 18, 2008

this week in review

After the high of last Saturday's Peace Concert, and the puppy delivery of Mother's Day, Monday shaped up to be an entirely different sort of a day:
Nadie and I had breakfast together and then I left to take
Seigaiha down to Melbourne and to visit Saint Anthony for him to work his usual [ high priced] miracles on my mouth. Nadie was going to follow along later so that she could start work at 2 after some last minute puppy fondling

The trip down was fairly uneventful but the mobile rang just as I landed on Corrie's doorstep.

flat battery
oh dear
someone was going to be very late for work
still, as she said, there are worse ways to wait for the RACV guy than with a cuppa and a book on mum's verandah.
nothing at all I could do about it, so onwards...

the quilt was handed over, duly raved about and paid for,
lunch with Corrie and Ian was a wonderful cauliflower and spinach soup and falafel avocado wraps [ a la catsmum], and then I headed over to Blackburn for the less joyous portion of the day.
Let's just gloss over it by saying, 2 fillings and one hour later and slightly over $400 poorer, I emerged with a numb face and rang ma in law to tell her to put the kettle on, I'd be there for a cuppa in 5 minutes.
although with hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have specified a hot beverage
two fillings on opposite sides of my mouth
extra anaesthetic when the first one wore off mid filling
equals Catsmum dribbling coffee all over MIL's clean tablecloth
uneventful trip back up
quilt class here ... this is more of a guidance group really. Anyone who wants help with a particular project or technique comes along for however many weeks they need to. Mostly they
end up staying semi permanently. Good friends, good music, and a reasonable amount of patchwork. Ms Beverley D, who is an opera teacher decided mid class that she was going to teach me how to breathe properly for singing. Apparently I intercostal breathe when what I should be doing is diaphragmatic. Time will tell if I can do it.
Tuesday night, I should've been at clogging class in Bendigo but Karen wasn't going and I was too tired to face the 45 minute drive each way so the carer took Dave out for an hour or so and then
picked up takeaway. Good man!
quilting in town - I was still working on the double sided drunkard's path and probably will be for months to come. this is a BIIIIIIIG quilt.

Wednesday night was our peace choir 'final' get together and debrief. Except it wasn't because we're singing at a conference in 2 weeks. Sort of anticlimactic as half of 'em weren't there. Still we had a good sing.
Thursday you already know about - Silk paper making at Daylesford
Friday - Line Dancing at Fryerstown followed by a quick trip at the Campbells Creek Ge
neral Store...yes... I said AT not TO.
The floor has a ledge along the centre of the shop - maybe 5 inches or so high - which is usually barricaded off by display shelves. This time it wasn't and I ended up going forward onto the concrete floor, taking a display with me. Very elegant.

- net result a slightly wrenched ankle, assorted bumps and a bruise the size of my palm on my right knee. Not all that dark though... bugger... it should be a spectacular aubergine purple for how much it hurt[s].
I should be able to display it to my friends for their horror and immense sympathy.
It's not even worthy of taking a photo for the blog
how sad is that?

I had to resort to an afternoon of listening to gorgeous David Hobson to sooth my ruffled feathers.
PND and Brenda arrived back from Tassie yesterday so I am no longer on extra goat-and-other-assorted-animals
feeding duty at ungodly hours of the very cold morning. Just my lot to look after which some days is quite enough.
don't all die of collective shock but there has been actual knitting happening here Chez Catsmum and I'll show you


Alice said...

You KNOW the gorgeous David Hobson doesn't expect you to smash yourself up before you can find time to listen to him......tut, tut.

April said...

Look at those beautiful goats!!! SQUEEEEE! Ooo, I love me some goats. And I love the "morning" picture, that's really beautiful. I may pilfer it for my desktop. :)

Lindi said...

Poor bruised Susan! I always use Lasonil on bruises. It helps ease the pain, but it also brings the bruising out quicker, so you end up with a very very nasty look to a bruise that doesn't hurt as much. Good for getting sympathy.