Tuesday, May 06, 2008

as promised - part 1

Hard to believe that it's a whole year since I wrote this
but the report for this weekend is remarkably similar... apart from the bits about the broken coccyx and Judy's post-China trip jetlag.
There was, of course, the obligatory hiatus at Gail's Patchwork, and my dears, you would have been in awe of the restraint I excercised within that den of temptation... heroic poems of similar length to the viking sagas should be written about my [ new found and possibly temporary ] ability to ignore the delights within.
Of course, I took Corrie's japanese quilt in with me to see if they still had the cranes and waves on black. It had absolutely nothing to do with wanting to show off what I'd done with their fabric.
Not at all.

and if you believe that I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you

Didn't really expect that they would still have that print after a year - BUT behind the counter what did I see ? the co-ordinating waves!
I do still have half of the original piece of crane fabric ... be still my heart!
and then the Priestess of Temptation emerged from behind her counter to show me
the same crane fabric and the matching waves

oh dear

After I finished visualising my dear daughter's reaction - a mental picture that involved a fair amount of dribble and some hyperventilation - I negotiated the purchase of one pattern repeat of the cranes and a 1/4 metre each of the two colourways of waves ... a mere bagatelle ... and a reel of thread.

such strength
such resolve

At this point I firmly refused to even look at the rest of the japanese themed fabric section, let alone any other part of the shop, and took my tiny package and my steely resolve - of which I am sure someone is even now penning hymns of praise - back out to the car and got on my way.


Rose Red said...

Good job on the resolve there! Doesn't it feel good! I too passed up the opportunity to buy yarn the other day and my I felt virtuous!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Wow. You are like a super-hero or something! I'll have to dust off my quill. Epic poems should always be written with a quill, I think...

Sam said...

such restraint! Even I, a non-sewer, am tempted in the face of Gails!

TinkingBell said...

I am amazed at your level of restraint - well done and congratulations!!(Can I have some please?)

Alwen said...

Purple and navy! If I could reach through the monitor and pull it right in here, I'd be doing it. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

You're a better man than I, Gungha Din! No WAY would I have been able to resist!

Robbyn said...

Oh my - that purple and navy leaves me breathless and wondeing if I could possibly find it here in the states.

As I'm not a quilter, perhaps all I could do would be to stretch it on a frame and hang it on the wall - but even just that would be splendid!

I commend your restraint, but sometimes I'm not sure that restraint is a good thing. Oh sometimes, certainly, rent must be paid and food acquired - but art, after all, doesn't recognize fiscal considerations and is rather notorious for tossing them right out the window, chuckling madly all the while :)

jane said...

Such noble restraint. But I have heard of phone calls that start off, remember that piece I was looking at when I was in the other day......."

Charlene said...

Been there, done that, and I empathize for you. My poison right now is fibre for spinning. It's torture turning my back on bags of alpaca roving at my lys. I can hardly wait to see more pictures of what you've got planned with your new purchase.